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Our 2-berth, 3-berth, or 4-berth luxurious and spacious cabins have been designed for those of you who are looking for the ultimate in relaxation while vacationing. Lay back, unwind, and enjoy a sleep of happy dreams.

Your holidays will begin the moment you step aboard Agoudimos Ferries, as they perfectly combine comfort and elegance with responsibility and reliability.

Class Cabin Description
A2** 2-Berth Outside / Shower & Toilet Facilities
AB2** 2-Berth Inside / Shower & Toilet Facilities
A3*** 3-Berth Outside / Shower & Toilet Facilities
AB3*** 3-Berth Inside / Shower & Toilet Facilities
A4**** 4-Berth Outside / Shower & Toilet Facilities
AB4**** 4-Berth Inside / Shower & Toilet Facilities
ΑΒ4* Α.Μ.Ε.Α 4-Berth Inside / Shower % Toilet / Restricted Mobility Individuals (A.M.E.A.)
S Recliner Lounge (Aircraft-Type Seating)

**     2 lower bunk beds.
***   2 lower bunk beds, 1 upper bunk bed.
**** 2 lower bunk beds and 2 upper bunk beds.
*       Purpose-built cabin, available on board.

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