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Terms & Conditions

1. Check-in and boarding
Check-in takes place at the port agents’ central offices and at the designated locations serving Agoudimos Lines.
Boarding begins two (2) hours* prior to the ship’s departure and ends thirty (30) minutes prior to departure. Passengers traveling with or without a vehicle and holding tickets must show up at the company’s boarding location at least two (2) hours prior to departure. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of their booking. The company cannot be held responsible for passengers arriving in delay and failing to depart.

2. Ticket cancellation
Passengers holding specific-date tickets and wishing to cancel them or postpone their travel must notify the agents or the company accordingly:
For ticket cancelled up to 15 days prior to the ship’s departure, you receive a full (100%) refund on your ticket.
For tickets issued on international routes, and cancelled 15 to 2 days prior to the ship’s departure you receive an 80% refund.
Up to 24 hours prior to the ship’s departure you receive a 50% refund.
For ticket cancellations made 24 or fewer hours prior to the ship’s departure our company is under no obligation to refund your tickets fully or partially. For any refunds that you may be entitled to, please contact the agency that issued the tickets.

3. Open-ended tickets
Passengers holding open-ended tickets must ensure that they book passage well ahead of time. The company cannot be held responsible for unavailability of seating. If the fare paid on the open-ended tickets is lower than the fare applying for the period during which the passengers are travelling, passengers are required to pay the difference in fare at the port agency.

4. Loss of tickets
In case you lose your tickets, please declare the loss at the agency that issued them or to our company. The price of the tickets is refunded at the end of the year after it has been ascertained that the tickets have not been used. We are sorry but no lost ticket replacements are possible without payment.

5. Passenger name list
Each ticket is personal and issued to each individual holder. Tickets cannot be transferred and are valid only for the class and route for which they were issued. When using e-ticketing or having their tickets issued, passengers must give precise information on their state ID card, telephone number, and e-mail address: These data are exclusively and solely used by the company providing passage to contact passengers in case the ship’s itinerary is delayed, cancelled or postponed. After their tickets have been issued, passengers must check all personal data on those tickets to ensure that are no errors. Passengers have the right to refuse receipt of their tickets if their personal data has been incorrectly recorded. All passengers must carry on their persons all of their validated travel documentation (passport, etc) which, in turn, must be stamped with all validated visas Greece and Italy requires. They should also carry with them all the documentation pertinent to their vehicle.

6. Useful information
NO breakfast or meals are included in the price of the ticket. Exclusive use of a cabin by one passenger carries a 50% surcharge per unoccupied berth. Pets travel free of charge in the special compartment reserved for pets and their owners must carry with them their pet’s validated health certificate. For safety reasons, the use of propane gas or naked flame on board is strictly prohibited. The company cannot be held responsible for luggage, cash, or valuables lost from the ship’s public areas or cabins. Cash or valuables may be delivered to the Purser’s office for safeguarding.

7. Fuel surcharge
Passengers travelling on international routes must pay the corresponding fuel surcharge during boarding.
No discounts are given on port fees and/or the fuel surcharge fee.
The time of arrival of a ship is defined as the time during which the ship is reaching the port’s mouth. The company cannot be held liable for any delays owed to third entities or adverse weather conditions. The company reserves the right to change or cancel an itinerary and duly notify passengers. It also reserves the right to replace a ship by a different one on the routes it runs during the year. Arrivals and departures are always quoted in local time and are subject to changes and cancellations without prior notice. Holders of specific-date tickets who are traveling a route whose arrival has been cancelled will be transferred to ships owned by other companies provided there is seating available. The Company reserves the right to readjust fuel surcharge fees subject to any fuel price fluctuations or currency devaluations.


Not all of above terms & conditions are valid on Goferry online system.
The precise terms & conditions of the shipping company can be seen at the "step" of the on-line booking process, before you enter your payment details.
If disagreements arise from the interpretation of terms, we explicitly state that the terms of the agency (Goferry) supersede those of the respective shipping company/companies.

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