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Anek Lines passenger services


At the ship's reception, throughout the journey, you will find an officer who is ready to listen to you and help you with whatever issue you may face. You can also call RECEPTION from the telephone in your cabin.


Relax and enjoy your sleep. The next day we will wake you up at whatever hour you request. Simply request this service from RECEPTION, and sleep well!


On an ANEK ship you are safe!
For emergency medical incidents there is a specially designed and fully equipped hospital area and pharmacy in accordance with international specifications. 
At the same time, through a continuous connection with the TELEHEART medical tracking system, timely diagnosis and directions for immediate handling of cardiological incidents are provided, until the patient can be moved to the appropriate hospital. 
Finally, ANEK provides all its passengers with the excellent insurance protection of INTERAMERICAN completely free of charge. 
With the pioneering service "Safe together !" you are covered from the moment you embark on the ship until 7 days after.

Play area

Parents, you can relax now! Your children will be occupied in the happy play areas of the ship, playing safe and creative games!
In addition, in the shops of the ships you will find a large variety of toys and books for all ages. You journey is transformed into enjoyment for the whole family!


Access to the INTERNET at sea too! Either in the INTERNET CAFE which you will find on all our ships, or directly from your laptop computer via WiFi wireless satellite connection, we are online at high speeds for you and only you!
Simply purchase prepaid cards of half an hour or an hour from the bar and the shops.

Satellite telephone

With the ONLINE SATELLITE service we offer you 24 hour satellite telephone. Communicate directly and be informed about the latest developments of any issue which concerns you.


On ANEK LINES ships, you can make your key bank transactions on the automatic teller machines.
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