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Safety on board

The policy of ANEK LINES has the purpose of continuously ensuring the flawless quality of the services it provides, safe, comfortable and reliable service of its passengers, and healthy and safe working conditions for its employees, and to ensure environmental protection, developing and applying relevant operational procedures.

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Since 1995 a Safety Management System has been in place, International Safety Management System (ISM Code), which is in accordance with all international and national regulations, rules and directives, relating to the safety of human life, property at sea and the protection of the environment.

The ships of the company have complied and been certified by the higher Safety Systems and are equipped with the most latest and most modern navigation and safety equipment, as well as firefighting and rescure resources, thus ensuring the greatest possible safety and convenience of passengers and crew, as well as the protection of the environment. 

Furthermore, since the year 2004, a System for Safety of Ships and Harbour Installations (ISPS Code) was established which relates to the prevention and confrontation of terrorist attacks.

Quality at sea

The modern and high standard fleet of ANEK LINES is certified by the International Quality Systems according to the ISO 9001:2000 model, as well as with the HACCP Health and Safety Management System for preparing and serving meals, according to the ISO 22000 model.

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The ISO System is a Quality of Service System. Quality referring to the sum of the attributes and characteristices of the service and the ability of the service to satisfy expressed or implied needs. 

The HACCP System is a Health and Safety Food Management System , a System for determining and monitoring dangers (biological, chemical, or natural) which may affect food safety and render a food unfit for consumption. 

The ISO & HACCP ensure that all the processes are planned, including shipping, transport of passengers and vehicles, preparation, and arrangement of meals - snacks, functioning of the bar, provision of hotel services and the organisation of events, carried out under controlled and approved conditions, so that the results will satisfy the demands of the clients and abide by Greek and European Law.
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