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Athens is the historical capital of Europe, with a long history, dating from the first settlement in the Neolithic age.
Over the years, a multitude of conquerors occupied Athens, and erected unique, splendid monuments - a rare historical palimpsest. In 1834, it became the capital of the modern Greek state and in two centuries since it has become an attractive modern metropolis with unrivalled charm.
There are frequent daily departures from Athens (Piraeus port) to all the greek islands with several types of Ferry Athens.
Athens Ferries are the primary means of transport to and from the islands, and the trip is an experience to be savored, like a cruise. Islands like Lemnos, Mytilini, Samos, Rhodes and Crete are best reached by ferry because the trip is overnight and it's like being in a big moving hotel.
Flying Dolphins are serving the Saronic Islands. You sit in airplane seats and unless you stand by the door and watch the islands go by it's like being on a turbulant jet flight.
athens ferry
The giant high-speed catamarans and modern super ferries like the Highspeed 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Hellenic seaways), Speedrunner II, III and IV (Aegean speed lines) are like being on a modern spaceship on the sea. There are rows of comfortable seats, tables, TVs, game rooms, and snack bars with pretty decent food. They are more expensive but you can be in Mykonos harbor in about 3 hours, in Sifnos in about 2, in Santorini in about 5 hours etc.
The cheapest way to go is to go what we used to call deck (economy seat). There are air-conditioned lounges to hang out in and airplane seats so you don't have to literally be on the deck being lashed by wind and high seas. But if you have a sleeping bag and it's a night ferry, there is no better place to be then under the stars with a bottle of wine and some fellow travelers.
Book your Athens ferry with any ferry company that suits you better and enjoy your ferry trip to the Greek islands!
Buy your Athens ferry in advance and organise your trip in Greece better and on time.

Have a nice trip!

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Distances to Athens

From Patras to Athens: 220 km   From Istanbul to Athens: 1095 km   From Budapest to Athens: 1460 km
From Thessaloniki to Athens: 500 km   From Sofia to Athens: 790 km   From Prague to Athens: 1985 km
From Igoumenitsa to Athens: 470 km   From Skopja to Athens: 700 km   From Warsau to Athens: 2300 km
From Xanthi to Athens: 700 km   From Belgrade to Athens: 1095 km   From Timisoara to Athens: 1270 km
From Tripolis to Athens: 170 km   From Zagreb to Athens: 1480 km   From Vienna to Athens: 1700 km
From Sparti to Athens: 230 km   From Bucurest to Athens: 1185 km   From Bratislava to Athens: 1655 km

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