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Accomodation on Blue Star Ferries

Blue star Ferries is a modern and luxurious fleet and a company that best understands the meaning of a convenient and enjoyable trip.

Select your accommodation on Blue Star Ferries
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, WCs, decks are available for any class of accommodation.
  • Economy deck seats are spread all over the ship and you can seat wherever you want – the ones inside the ship, near the bar or cafeteria are better since they are more comfortable to sit, like armchairs. The ones outside are like swimming pool plastic chairs and tables – not comfortable for long trips, but fun to stay during the day, watching the beautiful blue sea and having a drink. The economy class stores the luggage in racks spread all over the ship, and sometimes not close to the place where you are sitting.
  • Air seats are numbered seats so each passenger is assigned a specific seat. They are large and comfortable and if you intend to take a nap, that’s good enough. The seats are in separate private rooms on the ship. The numbers refer to the location of these “rooms” and that doesn’t make any difference. They are all the same. You enter through a private door to the lounge and at the back you have racks to store your luggage. It’s like a first class wagon on a train.
  • Business class or/and VIP is a separate section with larger seats with the most comfortable seating. Both Business and VIP have their own bars, and are restricted to passengers holding tickets for those sections.
  • If you want to sail in more comfort to the Greek islands, for a little higher fee you can purchase a cabin. Greek ferry first and standard class cabins are very similar between ferry companies and offer clean sheets and towels, private bathrooms and ample space to stretch out. They can fit from 2 to 4 passengers in bunk beds.
Outside cabins on Blue Star Ferries:
  • An outside cabin is one that will have a window facing out towards the sea. Basically the cabins ring the inside of the exterior casing of the ship.
Inside cabin on Blue Star Ferries:
  • An inside cabin will have no window, as it's in the middle of the ship (from a lateral, not vertical, point of view). Generally, if you suffer from seasickness, an inside cabin is better as there's slightly less sway.
  • If you have a pet, you can purchase a "pet cabin". These are cabins without a carpeted floor. They are just as clean as the other cabins and there is usually a small fee to book them. If you purchased a ticket not knowing that there was a pet cabin option, ask at the reception to be switched to a pet cabin once you embark. If you don't have a cabin, keep your pet on a leash on the open decks or you can opt to put it in one of the pet kennels available.
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