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The check-in process is mandatory and applies to all ports of departure. This should be done either at the check-in desk of the shipping company, located in the harbour/pier/booth, or at the appropriate ticket office indicated at the end of the booking process. (Please note that not all shipping companies provide check-in desks at the point of departure and many small harbours will also have no check-in provisions). The boarding passes/tickets are issued during check-in.
Passengers should present themselves at the boarding point at least two (2) hours (international routes) or at least one (1) hour (Greek domestic routes) before departure.
After this time, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any fare refund.
Please note that the check-in closes forty-five (45') minutes (international routes) or thirty (30') minutes (Greek domestic routes) before departure.
For the check-in you will need:
1) the electronic ticket (reservation) which you should have printed after completing your online GOFERRY reservation
2) identification documents for each passenger (passports or I.D. cards)
3) registration documents for each vehicle

The company reserves the right to refuse boarding to passengers without the above necessary travel documents.

After check-in and if you have a car, drive your vehicle to the parking lot outside the ship and wait to board. Otherwise continue to board following the orders of the ship’s officers.

In the case of a ban on the entry of a passenger in another country, the return cost is borne solely by the passenger. If a fine is imposed by the Port Authority because of invalid documents of the passenger, then the penalty is payable by the passenger.
Passport holders of all countries should contact the appropriate consulate for details regarding entry into another country.
If a passenger wishes to disembark before the ship leaves port, or in another port than the stated original destination, they are obliged to declare it to the ship's accounting office and take with them all their baggage and vehicle.


During check-in or boarding, the shipping company reserves the right to check/measure the dimensions of vehicles declared during the booking process. In case of discrepancies, passengers will be required to pay the difference.


a) passenger and travel leader information is insufficient or false (unknown or deceptive phone numbers and / or email addresses, incorrect or false names of passengers and travel leader, false or incorrect sizes of vehicles, incorrect or incomplete types / categories of vehicles, etc.)
b) credit card holder details are incorrect
c) copies of necessary documents (passport, identity card, proof of credit card ownership, etc.) cannot be provided on time if requested by GOFERRY.

*= GOFERRY terms for a customer cancellation are applicable in this case, too.
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