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This island has been ignored by most holiday makers for a very long time, but has become quite popular the last years. It is very small, harsh island with steep cliffs offering spectacular views of the sea and unforgettable sunsets.
Anafi is a great place for recreation and relaxation. Here, time stands still, and you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere and little taverns without the pressure of doing and seeing lots of things.
If you do want some sightseeing, there are options though, as well as little bars and cafes. Greek islands always have some kind of nightlife, and this is no exception.

According to Greek mythology Anafi emerged from Aegean Sea by Apollo’s command, in order to shelter the Argonauts. Others say that Anafi took its name from the fact that there are no snakes in the island (An-negative meaning, Ofis-snake)!
The ancient city of Anafi was built in the 8th century by Dorians. During the Byzantine period it was tormented by pirate invasions. In 1537, after Venetian occupation, the island was conquered by Ottomans (after it was first invaded by Hayreddin Barbarossa). The builders who immigrated to Athens from Anafi during the period of 1860-1870, built the scenic Anafiotika district on the foot of Acropolis Rock taking as an example the architectural style of Anafi's capital Chora. The island extends over a surface of 40 km2, its coastline is 33 km long and it has 250 inhabitants.
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