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History of Antiparos

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A small island ideal for calm and peaceful holidays, located next to Paros. The island extends over a surface of 38 km2, its coastline is 37.5 km long and it has 1,030 inhabitants. During the ancient times, Antiparos had opulent vegetation, but its morphology was altered due to an unknown catastrophe. As a result, nowadays, its land is largely infertile. During the ancient times Antiparos was known as "Oliaros”. A very remarkable Neolithic settlement, the most ancient in the Cyclades, was discovered on the nearby island of Saliagkos. It is located 1 n.m. away from Pounta, Paros. It is also connected to Pounta by boat.
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We do not know much about the island's history, but it is probably closely connected with the history of Paros.
The island was probably one with Paros at some time, and there is evidence that there were Neolithic settlements here. In the 2nd Millennia BC it was probably inhabited by Minoans - Cretans.
In the 13th century the island, just like its neighbours fell under Venetian Rule, only to be conquered by the Turks 300 years later.
The liberation came in the 19th century.
During World War II the island was occupied by Italian soldiers.

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