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History of Bastia

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An easy guide for how to get to Bastia by ferry, schedules and prices for the ferry to Bastia and recommendations for public transportation. Explore our website and find all necessary details for the ferry to Bastia; Connected Routes with departures and frequency and accommodation options with real-time availability!

The former capital of Corsica, Bastia, is an ancient city with rich history and more, great wines to escort the famous "Civet de Sanglier", a grilled wild boar dish! 

The city is located in the middle of the sea and mountains and offers great views and beaches as well. In its internals, you will find plenty of ancient buildings with fascinating architecture. Some examples are the Twin Bell Towers of St. Jean Baptiste Cathedral, the Holy Stair Scala Santa, Palais des Gouverneurs, Noble Twelve Palace and of course, the Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte in Piazza San Nicolau, the center of the city. 

Some great beaches to relax and sunbathe are the Town Beach, Nonza the black beach, Arinella the white beach and Marana Beach, next to the impressive pond of Biguglia.

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