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History of Cagliari

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A practical guide on how to get to Cagliari ferry port, schedules and prices for the Ferry from/to Cagliari and recommendations for public transportation and services in the city. Search our website and find all the necessary details, connected routes to Cagliari, frequency and accommodation options on board with real-time availability.

Cagliari is Sardinia's capital which is located in its south coast, oppose to Tunis in Africa. Cagliari owns one of the busiest ports in Italy which gets really buzzling in summer from tourists but also by the cargo shipments that come and go all year long. The port is very close to the city center and in the general area, people will find many hotels, restaurants and shops. The town itself has a great history which dates back to the Neolithic years. 

When in Cagliari, there are plenty of landmarks to admire and learn more about its past and many beaches to swim and sunbathe. The main square Il Castello in the old town, is where the heart of Cagliari is. There, except for the shops and bars, you will see the ancient walls and towers, so do not forget to take your camera with you. Some highlights you should not miss are San Pancrazio and Elephant Towers along with Saint Remy Staircase which leads you to Terrazza Umberto I. Next, go to the Cathedrals of Santa Maria and Cagliari, Palazzo Regio and Palazzo Archivescovile as well as to the Roman Amphitheater. Summer vacation cannot go without swimming and enjoying refreshing drinks under the sun in sandy or pebbly beaches. Cagliari offers a variety of them with the most popular being Poetto and Calamosca.

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