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History of Ile Rousse

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A practical guide on how to get to Ile Rousse by ferry, schedules and prices for the ferry from/to Ile Rousse and recommendations for public transportation and services in the city. Search our website and find all the necessary details, connected routes, frequency and accommodation options on board with real-time availability.

Ile Rousse is an ancient town in the north coast of the island of Corsica. The town dates back to 1840 and has been the ground for many civilizations over the years. Now, Ile Rousse is a very much visited place in Corsica that combines perfect waters and beautiful hiking paths on mountains that overlook the Ligurian Sea. The romantic paved streets of the town include stunning old buildings, cafeterias and restaurants serving local delicacies. Make sure you cross the local food market in Paoli Square to buy souvenirs and local products. A fun thing to do would be to ride the train that runs through the city with stops to many points of interest and also to the village of Calvi, just a few kilometers west of Ile Rousse.  

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