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History of Koufonisia

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Koufonisia is a small complex of two islands, separated by a narrow channel (200 m wide), Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi which are located SE of Naxos and W of Amorgos. They were named after the huge caves that the Corsairs used to see from far away, thinking that the islands were hollow (in Greek koufios >Koufionisia>Koufonisia). Nearby you will find Keros, a deserted island and protected archaeological site, as periodically the excavations have brought to light remarkable works of Cycladic art. Koufonisia (Pano Koufonisi is the more developed and populated of the two, extends over 5.5 km2 and has 366 residents) is a preferred destination for those who seek peaceful holidays, a slow pace, fresh fish and beautiful beaches.
Website: www.koufonisia.gr

The small Koufonisi Islands have a long and important history as they were the center of Eary Cycladic civilization as shown by the archaeological finds on Epano Mylos. Also, neighboring Keros was one of the most important centers of Cycladic civilization. On Kero, at an Early Cycladic cemetery, findings of great importance have been found. The Koufonisi Islands have been inhabited from prehistoric ages and at various times in history have been pirate bases. They were liberated from the Turks after the revolution of 1821 and were united to Greece along with the remaining Cyclades Islands.

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