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History of Santa Teresa di Gallura

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An easy guide on how to get to Santa Teresa di Gallura by ferry, timetables, prices and details for public transportation services. Find all the necessary information about connected routes, frequency and accommodation categories on the ferry to Santa Teresa di Gallura!

Santa Terasa di Gallura is a little town on the northernmost point of Sardinia, opposite to Bonifacio in Corsica with many daily ferry connections between the two ports. The town is extremely popular to tourists and in summer, it is considered as a must-see destination in Sardinia. This is not only because of its blue-flag beaches but also for its ladmarks and beautiful ancient center. In Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, the town's central square, there is San Vittorio Church, the most impressive landmark of the town. If you want to take some memorable pictures, head to the Tower of Longosardo which allows you to see the island of Corsica and some panoramic views of the sea. While in Santa Teresa di Gallura, you can also go for hiking and do water sport activities. Do not miss the International Jazz Festival if you happen to visit the town in August!

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