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A typical island of the Cyclades complex, ideal for quiet holidays, full of peaceful ports, lush green villages and golden sandy beaches, rough mountains, bare hills and unique landscape. It is located between Kithnos and Sifnos and due to its mild touristic development it still preserves its traditional characteristics.
According to mythology, Perseas and his mother Danae reached the coasts of Serifos locked in a trunk. In order to punish Polidefkis, king of Serifos, Perseas killed the mermaid Medusa and showed him her head. As a result, king Polidefkis froze from fear. The ground of the island has rich precious metal resources, which brought its great development, mainly after 6th century A.D. During the Persian War the islanders opposed the Persians and became members of the Athenian Alliance. The island was also invaded by Macedonians, afterwards by Ptolemaist and finally by the Romans. After the fall of Constantinople in 1204, Serifos was given to Venetians. In 1537 it was invaded by the Turkish admiral Barbarosa and from 1770 until 1774 by the Russians. After 1821 it was liberated with the other islands of Cyclades. The island extends over a surface of 75 km2, its coastline is 82 km long and it has 1.420 inhabitants.

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