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How to get there

  • By regular bus from Athens to Volos (Liosion station, Tel.: 210-8329585, 210-8317186,
  • By regular bus from Thessaloniki to Volos (Tel.: 2310-595424)
  • By train from Athens and other cities to Volos (

What to visit

  • Volos castle
  • Park of Agios Konstantinos
  • Pelion villages

Volos is one of the better and a lot of adorable cities in Greece as able-bodied as one of the country’s a lot of arresting ports. The modern-day city, congenital abreast the website of age-old Iolcos, dominates the arena of Magnesia from its position at the bottom of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. This is one of the a lot of admirable areas in Thessaly, in the centre of Greece (Volos is anchored 320km N of Athens and 219km S of Thessaloniki) accumulation the attraction of the sea with the mystical agreeableness of the Centaurs’ mountain. The area’s allegorical accomplishments captivates the visitor’s imagination. Magnesia appearance in some of the a lot of arresting tales in Greek mythology. The antecedent of its peoples was Magnes, son of Zeus and Aeolus, yet Magnesia is believed to be the birthplace of a aberrant race, the Centaurs, beings which were allotment equine, allotment animal and originated from the abutment of Nephele and Ixion. Asclepius and Achilles were, a part of others, pupils of the Centaur Chiron. The acclaimed Argonaut expedition, one of the greatest epics in the Greek fabulous cycle, set captain from the Pagasetic Gulf.

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Ferry destination from/to Volos
*Volos-Skiathos: Conventional and highspeed ferries
*Volos-Skopelos: Conventional and highspeed ferries
*Volos-Alonissos: Conventional and highspeed ferries
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