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Ferry Italy-Sicily

Welcome to the ferry Italy-Sicily application. In addition to the shipping company’s standard print paper schedules, we offer alternative electronic format to meet your needs. General schedule information will give you an understanding of the ferry route Italy-Sicily, safety procedures and upgraded ferries Italy-Sicily.
Please select a link from one of the options below and start planning your trip from Italy to Sicily or v.v.

Schedules Livorno-Palermo

Port Monday Wednesday Thursday
Livorno-Departure 23:30 23:30 23:30
Palermo-Arrival 17:30* 17:30* 17:30*

Schedules Palermo-Livorno

Port Monday Wednesday Thursday
Palermo-Departure 23:30 23:30 23:30
Livorno-Arrival 17:30* 17:30* 17:30*
*=Next day

Schedules Salerno/Naples-Palermo

Port Monday Friday
Salerno-Departure 12:00 23:30
Palermo-Arrival 23:00 10:00

Schedules Palermo-Salerno/Naples

Port Friday Sunday
Palermo-Departure 10:00 19:00
Salerno-Arrival 20:00 07:00*
*=Next day

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