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Irakleio - Mykonos with Hellenic Seaways

Prices, schedules and online booking of the Irakleio - Mykonos journey on Hellenic Seaways.

Travel on the Irakleio - Mykonos journey, and enjoy the comfort of the Hellenic Seaways fleet. Use goferry to check prices, schedules and book online tickets on the Irakleio - Mykonos journey, and benefit from real time availability, instant confirmation and great discounts.

Book in advance to secure your Irakleio - Mykonos ferry tickets on the Hellenic Seaways fleet.


15% Early Booking Discount

Passengers who plan ahead and purchase their tickets up to 15 days earlier than their departure date enjoy a 15% discount, offered by our brand new Early Booking Program.
  • The offer is valid for a limited number of seats, from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • The offer is not valid during July and August.
  • The offer is valid for a limited number of seats with the simultaneous booking and issuing of tickets.
  • These tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded, but they can be changed into Open and replaced by the end of the year with new tickets by just paying the regular price difference.
The above offer is not valid for:
  • Flyingcat 3: from Mykonos to Naxos-Ios-Santorini
  • Flyingcat 4: Iraklio - Santorini - Paros - Mykonos & the Saronic itineraries.

100% Children Discount

  • Infants not older than 4 years' old can travel for free.

50% Children Discount

  • Kids between 4 and 10 years' old get a 50% discount on the ticket price.

Ferry tickets with Hellenic Seaways to book online

Using our web ferry platform you can get real time availability, schedules and prices and real time confirmation for the ferry route from the most Greek harbours to the Cyclades islands.
Getting a booking couldn't be faster and easier. All you need to do is to select the journey, the route, the number of passengers and click search! Go ahead and board your Hellenic Seaways ferry!

Irakleio - Mykonos with Hellenic Seaways

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