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Safety on Board

minoan lines safetyThe focus of MINOAN LINES' philosophy is the issue of SAFETY AT SEA. From this concept spin other priorities: respect for the third other, total quality services and customer satisfaction. These related priorities form the nutshell of SAFE AND QUALITIVE TRANSPORT BY MINOAN LINES both at sea and on shore.
MINOAN LINES is certified as follows:

  • Safety Assurance Certificate by ISM (International Safety Management - Code of Safety Management), year 1996.
  • ISO 9001 by GERMANISCHER LLOYD, year 2000.


Safety at sea

  • The crew of MINOAN LINES ships is trained regularly at simulated emergency situations at sea and thus acquires the skills needed to handle real-life emergency situations.

  • MINOAN LINES ships are fully equipped with the most sophisticated life safety appliances.

  • Continuous patrols of the crew around the vessel during the entire voyage at sea. These crew's check list includes:
    • detection of possible sources of fire
    • influx of water in the garages and double bottom areas
    • fire-safety doors
    • water-tight doors
    • means of communication
    • all garages
  • Fluorescent strips line all areas of the ship and signs are posted to mark your exact location on the ship and also guide you to emergency exits and Master stations.

  • MINOAN LINES ships are equipped with all kinds of life safety means:
    • Personal lifejackets with their own light and whistle
    • life buoys
    • life boats
    • high speed rescue boats
    • rescue boats
    • life rafts lowered by crane
    • auto release life rafts
    • escape chutes
    • Marine Evacuation System (for ships built after 1995)
    • wireless beacon
    • E.P.I.R.B. (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)
  • MINOAN LINES ships are equipped with sophisticated fire safety equipment (prevention, detection, fire extinguishing systems). The ship is built with flame retardant materials.

  • MINOAN LINES' ships feature:
    • fire safety doors/hatches that seal automatically to isolate areas of the vessel in case of fire,
    • fire warning buttons
    • automatic smoke detectors
    • portable fire extinguishers (foam and CO2)
    • permanent fire extinguishing system in the engine room
    • sprinklers in the garage area
    • wheel driven fire extinguishers
    • drencher system at the garage area
    • fire extinguishing system with water hoses all around the vessel
    • hi-fog automatic system
    • firefighting crew equipped with fire-proof uniforms, respiratory devices and other fire-fighting equipment.
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