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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of issuing a ticket

According to the relevant laws, for security reasons, it is necessary to include the following information on the ticket:
The full surname of the passenger
The name or initial letter of the name
The sex : Male - Female
The age: Infant = up to 4 years old, Child = up to 10 years old
Adult = 10 years old and above
The issuing of a ticket is necessary for all the above mentioned passenger categories, even in the case of zero value tickets. Disabled passengers must state their condition to their travel agent at the time of booking.
Embarking the ship requires a check-in when boarding. The passengers or their vehicles, that hold tickets that are not issued for the relevant route and ship, will NOT be allowed to embark.
For the avoidance of any inconvenience we suggest that you arrive in time at the check in point holding both your ticket and ID. or passport

Ticket terms and conditions

  1. The ticket is personal, cannot be given to a third person and is only valid for the journey it is issued for.
  2. The ticket price does not include food and beverages.
  3. Infants up to 4  years old do not pay to travel but cannot be issued a bed when in a cabin, while children above 5 years old and up to 10 years old pay 50% of the ticket value and have the right to a bed when in a cabin.
  4. The holder of an adult ticket has the right to carry bags up to 40 kgs / 1 cubic meter free of charge.
  5. In case of loss of a ticket there will be no refund.
  6. If the passenger’s luggage is under the passenger’s personal attention, the company has no obligation for its loss or damage.
  7. Jewelry, money and expensive items may be given to the reception desk for safekeeping.
  8. The company bears no obligations for any delay or cancellation of the planned journey due to weather conditions, or orders sent by the ministry of commercial shipping or any act of God / necessity.
  9. It is not permitted for passengers to carry explosive, flammable and any other dangerous items.
  10. The passengers are responsible for keeping the health and safety rules imposed by the relevant laws.
  11. The passengers are obligated to follow the captain’s / crew’s directions related to the safety of the ship.
  12. If the passengers are aware of any illegal passenger they must report it immediately to the captain of the ship, and after the journey to the company or to the coastal police.
  13. If for any reason the journey is cancelled, and the responsibility lies with the company, the only company obligation is to refund the full amount paid for the ticket.
  14. Our company retains the right, having received permission from the Ministry of Mercantile, to replace the ship for which the specified ticket was issued for with another ship.


- CANCELLATION OF DEPARTURE: The tickets of a cancelled departure are not valid for embarkation and must be exchanged with a valid boarding card for the next scheduled departure, pending on availability.
ATTENTION: In case of a departure being delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather conditions etc., passengers are kindly requested to contact the company’s port agencies in order to be informed about the new departure time.
- 60 days before the departure: The tickets are cancelled without any charge.
- 60 days until 15 days before the departure: 50% cancellation fee of tickets value.
- 15 days before the departure and for non show: 100% cancellation fee of tickets value.
- Refunds are issued only by the issuing ticket office upon the company's approval.
Discounted tickets (early booking, winter offers and others) are not refundable (100% cancellation fee). Once ticket is issued the reservation may be changed but not cancelled.

Terms of vehicle transportation

  • The driver must personally embark and / or disembark his / her vehicle.
  • The vehicles must be at the check in point an hour before departure, and within the time limit stated by the port authority rules.
  • The driver has no right to a refund for the vehicle’s ticket, in case he/she misses the ship. In case the driver clearly states that his/her vehicle is not going to be transported prior to departure time, the driver is entitled to 50% refund on the vehicle’s ticket price.
  • In case of loss of the vehicle’s ticket, there’s no right to a refund.
  • The passengers are obliged to get out of the vehicle as soon as the vehicle is embarked.
  • After the ship departs and until the end of the journey, no access is possible to the vehicle storage area (garage).
  • It is not permitted for passengers to carry explosive, flammable and any other dangerous items.
  • The vehicle embarkation is set by the rules of the relevant port authority.


Not all of above terms & conditions are valid on Goferry online system.
The precise terms & conditions of the shipping company can be seen at the "step" of the on-line booking process, before you enter your payment details.
If disagreements arise from the interpretation of terms, we explicitly state that the terms of the agency (Goferry) supersede those of the respective shipping company/companies.
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