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1-day Excursion to Santorini

Departures from Heraklion/Crete, Ios, Naxos, Paros and Milos
Take the morning Speed Ferry and get back at the afternoon!

Easily get over to the island of Santorini departing from Crete (Heraklion port), Paros, Naxos, Milos or Ios with this round-trip ferry journey. Board the Speed Ferry for a 2,5-hour trip (the duration relies upon on the island of departure), across the Aegean Sea to Santorini Island and then enjoy a min. of 6-7 hours (relying on journey day) of free time to explore the beauties before catching your return ferry back to your holiday island.
To find the right departures for your journey (outwards and return), just enter your travel dates in the search form above and go!


Santorini is considered to be one of the most stunning islands in the world!
The views from the part of the crater out over the caldera are absolutely stunning. From this amazing place you can see the cruise ships that moor near the old harbor and getting a wonderful view of Nea Kameni, the island in the middle of the caldera which was created by repeated eruptions over the passed 300 years.

For such a small island there is a lot to see and to vist! The stunningly beautiful Greek island that is located in this wonderful area, is considered to be the lost city of Atlantis.
Here is how to best spend one day in Santorini to experience as much of the island as possible.

1. Fira Town

Fira, the capital of the island, is characterized by a complex of small white houses that create a beautiful and unique Cycladic architectural style.
The hundreds of small shops that are on either side of the narrow streets, they give an incredible charm and they offer a unique experience!

Santorini Fira

2. Explore an Archaeological Excavation Site

Akrotiri was a commercial center of the Eastern Mediterranean at full prospect until around 1700-1600 BC, when a large eruption of the Santorini volcano covered the town and forced its inhabitants to emigrate in other Greek cities.
The excavated site is believed to have been the center of the settlement, with a public building and the houses of the upper social class.

Donkey Beer

3. Drink a Donkey Beer

The donkey beer was named after the local donkeys that carry visitors from the old harbor to the village of Fira!
Santorini Brewing Company brews three different brews: The Yellow Donkey that is lighter and citrus toned, the Red Donkey which is a bit deeper and darker and the limited Crazy Donkey which is apparently Greece's first and only IPA style beer!
Brewery can be visited Monday through Saturday between 12 noon and 5 p.m.

4. Beautiful Oia

The most famous and probably the most romantic place to visit in Santorini!
The first modern architects of Oia were captains, this is why the town resembles a ship: steep stairs, low doorways, and narrow paths. One of UNESCO heritage buildings is actually called "Sea Captain's House." There is one more secret - why most of visitors come as a couple or prefer to spend a honeymoon in Oia. The legend says that if lovers write their names on rocks near the city they will always be in love with each other and in no case will they be separated.


5. Walk the steps from Oia to Amoudi Bay

The tiny port of Amoudi Bay is positioned a whopping 300 steps under the town of Oia. The descent will be slightly challenging, however you will be rewarded with breathtaking views alongside the way and quaint tavernas for refueling at the bottom. You can additionally make a famous pit quit at 39 Steps cafe for a cold frappe or a Donkey beer, you’ll want it.

Santorini and Donkeys

6. Indicative Departures to and from Santorini

High Season Timetable

Departures from Heraklion/Crete (dep./arr.): 07:30/09:20, 08:40/10:25, 09:00/10:45
Departures from Santorini (dep./arr.): 17:00/18:40, 17:20/19:10, 17:25/18:50

Departures from Ios (dep./arr.): 07:30/08:10, 11:25/12:00, 11:30/12:15
Departures from Santorini (dep./arr.): 14:25/15:05, 14:30/15:25, 22:20/23:00

Departures from Naxos (dep./arr.): 10:30/12:00, 10:40/11:55, 11:00/12:25
Departures from Santorini (dep./arr.): 15:30/17:30, 17:25/18:35, 17:55/20:15

Departures from Paros (dep./arr.): 10:15/12:15, 10:35/12:25, 11:05/14:00
Departures from Santorini (dep./arr.): 18:30/20:15

Departures from Milos (dep./arr.): 08:30/10:35, 10:05/12:25
Departures from Santorini (dep./arr.): 19:00/21:00, 20:00/22:05

SeaJets in Santorini
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