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dromologia ploion gia ellhnika nisia
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Superfast Ferries

Superfast Ferries, the youngest and fastest fleet, welcomes you on board for an unforgettable travelling experience. We, at Superfast Ferries, have one goal: to offer you services that exceed your expectations. We aim to offer what we call the Superfast Experience: a wellthought, standardized quality service which our customers can enjoy the same way throughout the Superfast Ferries fleet the youngest and fastest in European service that ensures good value for your money. Enjoy your ferry route from Ancona and Bari to Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras and relax on our ferry route from Piraeus to Crete.
Book online your ferry tickets Superfast Ferries Italy-Greece and Athens-Crete with!

dromologia ploion gia ellhnika nisia
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dromologia ploion gia ellhnika nisia

Ferry tickets with Superfast Ferries to book online

Using our web ferry platform you can get real time availability, schedules and prices and real time confirmation for the ferry route with Superfast Ferries.
Getting a booking couldn't be faster and easier. All you need to do is to select the journey, the route, the number of passengers and click search! Now, you can board Superfast Ferries from Italy to Greece and from Piraeus to Crete!
dromologia ploion gia ellhnika nisia

Superfast Ferries itineraries:

dromologia ploion gia ellhnika nisia
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