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dromologia ploion gia ellhnika nisia

Superfast Ferries Restaurants

Diner in style
Whether it’s a light snack or a three-course meal accompanied by a fine wine, dining on board Superfast Ferries is a culinary experience. In fact, you can spend most of your waking hours savouring different delicacies. After all, don’t they say that the sea builds up an appetite?
  superfast ferries restaurant
The ideal choice for good quality cuisine at reasonable prices. Greek specialities and International varieties for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. Unforgettable gastronomic experiences in a refined environment, designed with taste, where luxury, sophistication and utmost quality is always on the menu.   superfast ferries self-service
Our indoor bars offer a variety of coffees, from traditional Greek to espresso, juices, alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages and delicious desserts, any time of the day. For your convenience, there is always one bar open 24 hours a day.   superfast ferries bar
Enjoy the sea, the sun and the pool along with a variety of refreshing beverages, traditional Greek gyros, pizza and delicious desserts and ice creams. Open deck bars operate when the weather permits.   superfast ferries pool bar
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