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Ventouris Ferries Tickets

Welcome to Ventouris Ferries!
Ventouris Ferries has operated on Brindisi, Bari, Igoumenitsa Harbours and its related waterways for many years. Today Ventouris Ferries is recognised as a Greek icon and proudly carries thousand of customers each year.
Explore our Harbour destinations onboard one of our famous ferries.
Our site will help you locate everything you need to know about travelling with Ventouris Ferries - from timetable and fare information to planning your trip, and great deals on popular harbour attractions

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Ferry Rigel   Ferry Bari
Ferry Rigel   Ferry Bari
Ferry Seatrade   Ferry Siren
Ferry Seatrade   Ferry Siren

Here you can download timetables and prices in pdf format and print them out!
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