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ventouris ferries discounts

Ventouris Ferries Discounts

  FOR CHILDREN aged 4-12.     FOR CHILDREN under 4 years of age.
  DISCOUNT for return.     DISCOUNT for deck class with or without a vehicle.
  FAMILY DISCOUNT For families booking an A4/AB4 cabin and traveling with or without a vehicle.     EARLY BOOKING valid for bookings made and tickets issued before May 31. The tickets may have the return leg of the trip open. The low-season fare is taken into account and the difference due is paid once the return date of the trip is finalized. Cancellations or further changes will not be accepted.
  • The company’s discounts are limited in number. The discount given on the return leg of your voyage applies only if the ticket booking/issuance includes the return leg of your trip. No discounts are given on port fees and/or the fuel surcharge fee.
Ventouris Ferries Discounts
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