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An easy guide for how to book and buy Car-Ferry Tickets to the most destinations in the Mediterranean Sea with ports description and embarkation infos! Explore the website and find all necessary details for the car-ferry services with schedules and prices, accommodation options, real time availability and helpful tips for distances and transfer opportunities to the departure ports!


If you want to travel on your car to one of the offered Mediterranean destinations, just drive up to one of the given departure ports and just hop on a car ferry and enjoy a wonderful trip!

Ferry prices vary considerably depending on the departure port, the duration of the trip, the type of ticket (deck, airport seat or cabin) and the operator you choose, so you should think about your travel budget and choose the right destination that is perfect for you.

Book your Car Ferry Tickets in the Mediterranean Sea in advance to secure your trip.

Here are the best reasons to take your car to your end destination:

Space for all of you

  • No more sitting on top of those around you - and no more knees in your back from the guy behind. Stand up, wander around, when and as often as you like

Free Luggage

  • We don’t charge for the luggage in your car. As much as you need for kids, toys, bikes, even your favorite pillow. And all at the quoted price!

The Freedom to explore your destination at your leisure

  • Go left or right it's up to you. And all the easier when you’re comfortable in a car that you know well
  • No nasty surprises with the price you pay- such as taxes, parking fees or excess baggage
  • No air traffic delays or hidden extra costs

Traveling with go-Ferry is the beginning of your real holiday

  • Arrive relaxed, and ready to continue on to your destination. What could make more sense? Consider it as a relaxing break at the beginning and end of your holiday
  • All your family goes on holiday. Why leave your pets behind? Bring them along, traveling in the comfort of your own car (or kennels when available)

Suits You - Our fares and offers are structured to suit you

  • Our check-in and travel policies are flexible to suit you, and the facilities onboard our modern ships are all there to suit you. So go ahead – what are you waiting for?


  • From Milan to Venice: 275 km
  • From Milan to Brindisi: 990 km
  • From Milan to Ancona: 440 km
  • From Milan to Bari: 880 km
  • From Milan to Genoa: 150 km
  • From Milan to Livorno: 290 km
  • From Munich to Ancona: 780 km
  • From Munich to Venice: 500 km
  • From Munich to Bari: 1220 km
  • From Munich to Brindisi: 1340 km
  • From Munich to Genoa: 685 km
  • From Munich to Livorno: 710 km
  • From Calais to Ancona: 1565 km
  • From Calais to Venice: 1390 km
  • From Calais to Bari: 2010 km
  • From Calais to Brindisi: 2120 km
  • From Calais to Barcelona: 1321 km
  • From Calais to Livorno: 1369 km
  • From Paris to Venice: 1115 km
  • From Paris to Bari: 1730 km
  • From Paris to Ancona: 1290 km
  • From Paris to Brindisi: 1840 km
  • From Paris to Genoa: 910 km
  • From Paris to Livorno: 1090 km
  • From Amsterdam to Venice: 1275 km
  • From Amsterdam to Ancona: 1515 km
  • From Amsterdam to Bari: 1960 km
  • From Amsterdam to Brindisi: 2070 km
  • From Amsterdam to Genoa: 1220 km
  • From Amsterdam to Livorno: 1370 km
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