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go-ferry.com has been a family business since 1979. Our entrepreneurial journey spans three generations, all united by a common goal: the pursuit of excellence coupled with integrity.

Integrating our professional and private lives has always been a defining aspect of our family. As a three-generation family business, our history is rich in sacrifices and compromises. However, we will not delve too deeply into these aspects in this report, preferring a more concise narrative.

The origins of our company go back to a summer romance that blossomed between German and Greek roots in Athens, the capital of Greece. We have been serving the travel needs of countless enthusiasts since 1979, initially as a traditional travel agency in Greece and since 1988 as a general sales agent representing well-known ferry companies in Germany (SeeFA Reisen – See & Flug Agentur Stuttgart). In 2007, we proudly launched our online booking platform to the global market.

Our team includes Marianne Dahm and Dimitrios Kallinikos, brother Ioannis Kallinikos, cousins Nick, George and Nikolaos and granddaughter Marianna. Together, we represent the importance of fundamental values such as integrity and hard work. These basic principles have been seamlessly passed down through generations and remain unchanged to this very day. The result is an organically evolving, culturally diverse and contemporary business environment characterized by solid human connections prioritizing quality over quantity.

We firmly believe that, when carefully implemented, online services and products can provide equivalent levels of transparency, value and human engagement to physical store interactions. For this reason, we are committed to providing comprehensive customer support services and secure online booking technologies. Additionally, as passionate ferry travel enthusiasts, we fully support customized travel experiences that allow us to experience the splendor of natural landscapes personally.

Advantages of go-ferry.com

However, the ultimate question remains: Why should you decide to make a reservation with us? A long experience in the industry does not necessarily mean that we are attuned to the needs of modern travelers. Yet we have this understanding, and here's why!

Bookings via go-ferry.com offer a clear overview of reserving your ferry tickets!

Take advantage of our benefits and book at go-ferry.com - one of the first and most comprehensive booking platforms for ferry destinations in the Mediterranean and the Greek islands!

In the following lines, we report on the advantages of go-ferry.com so that you know the characteristics of cooperation in advance.

  • Travel by any private vehicle (car, SUV, jeep, minibus, motorhome, caravan, trailer, scooter, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Camping on board offer
  • Transparent pricing from the start
  • Easy price comparison of different carriers
  • Secure website and secure payments
  • go-ferry.com plus points

Transparent pricing information

Hidden fees are one of the most unpleasant things a consumer can encounter today. Think about taxes or port fees that will be applied to the price of your ferry tickets or transaction fees that you will have to pay if you use your credit card to pay for tickets online

Some other competitors increase prices with additional fees at the end of a transaction, which go-ferry.com never does.

  • As our customer, you deserve to know precisely what you are paying from the start
  • With the transparent prices from go-ferry.com, you know the exact costs from the moment you start reserving your ferry ticket
  • A booking fee and any applicable surcharges and fees (for major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard) are also calculated and included - just one price that stays the same from start to finish!

Secure website & secure payments

Secure website & privacy: All personal data you provide to us is encrypted and secure in accordance with EU regulations. We value your trust and protect the security and privacy of any personal information you provide. Your personal information will only be used as described in our privacy policy.

Secure payments: At go-ferry.com, we use the latest solution for online transaction services. It offers us professional and trustworthy support and the peace of mind that our customer's data is safe through a secure online payment system (one of the most advanced and protected). When you purchase from go-ferry.com, we protect your security and privacy and use only the latest technology to ensure we are one of the safest websites.

Bank deposits: You can pay the value of your ferry ticket by bank transfer to banks affiliated with go-ferry.com.

Plus points

The advantages of go-ferry.com are enormous compared to its competitors on the Internet.

Not only do we offer a simple seat on board, but we have specified all the features that maritime transport can include

  • Easy selection of all types of accommodation on board: economy or air-type seats, 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed cabins with or without a view, cabins for disabled passengers and accommodation for your pets in pet-friendly cabins or kennels
  • Travel with any vehicle on board: car with or without luggage/ boat trailer, minibus or motorhome with or without trailer, jeep/ SUV with or without caravan, motorcycle with or without sidecar!
  • Travel with friends in separate vehicles and share the cabin with them: go-ferry.com allows you to add up to 4 vehicles in the same reservation!
  • Advantages of a camping on board booking: We are perhaps the only booking platform that offers the choice of a camping on board booking! Travel with one deck and one vehicle fare and enjoy the hospitality of your motorhome/ caravan during the entire ferry crossing (valid on some Italy-Greece-Italy routes and for a limited number of motorhomes/ caravans)!
  • Easy comparison of different shipping companies: Compare ticket prices on the same results page and choose the one that suits your budget or travel needs
  • Take advantage of all the discounts each shipping company offers: some results show different ticket prices for the same route and accommodation category. This usually happens on the Italy-Greece, Sardinia or Sicily destinations and the routes to the Greek islands! Don't miss out on ticket discounts such as early booking, seasonal and auto club discounts!
  • Automobile Club membership cards: With go-ferry.com, you get up to 25% discount if you hold a valid automobile club card!

It's worth it!

go-ferry.com was the first web portal to fully implement the issuance of ferry tickets for ferries operating between the Greek islands!

With more than 44 years of experience in sea transport services, go-ferry.com has developed into one of the largest online booking platforms for ferry tickets in the Mediterranean. There are over 100 ferry operators offering ferry transport in the Mediterranean and more than 2000 ferry routes to choose from if you wish to book ferry tickets online with us.

Today, you can book all Mediterranean routes via the go-ferry.com reservation system and have your ferry ticket issued electronically simultaneously!

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