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  • Booking protection
  • Private transfer
  • Car rental

Whether adding booking protection, private transfer, car rental, taxi or hotel to your ferry booking, with's offered additional services, you can book everything in one place!

Booking protection

If you add booking protection, you will receive a full refund* UP TO 45 DAYS AFTER YOUR TRIP!
*5% administration fees excl.

  • Unexpected physical or mental limitation of you or an immediate family member (e.g. Covid-19, pre-existing condition, pregnancy, injury, illness, death/suicide)
  • Disruption to public transport (e.g. bad weather, connecting journeys/flights)
  • Car breakdown (e.g. breakdown, accident, fire, theft)
  • Housing emergency (e.g. burglary, fire, flood, earthquake, tornado)
  • Attendance (e.g. work relocation, court summons, jury service, military service)

During the booking process you have the option to add booking protection.

Private transfer

Book your ride to and from the ferry port, airport or any destination in just a few steps!

You can find detailed information about the private transfer here!

Car rental

Rent a car for your destination!

Choose the perfect car for your needs, book it online, pick it up at your destination and start driving!

More information can be found here.

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