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Book your ferry tickets with Alilauro, a leading Italian ferry company providing travel between mainland Italy, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia and Sorrento.

Alilauro is a well-established ferry company in southern Italy that was started in 1944. They specialize in ferrying passengers between mainland towns and the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Peninsula and even the Aeolian Islands.

Their fleet is composed of 10 ships that can accommodate up to 525 passengers each.

Alilauro's ferry services are ideal for those seeking a quick and simple method to navigate around these areas. Here are some more insights that may be useful while choosing Alilauro:

The routes of Alilauro

From Capri

  • Capri to Castellammare di Stabia
  • Capri to Sorrento

From Ischia

  • Ischia to Procida
  • Ischia to Sorrento

From Sorrento

  • Sorrento to Amalfi
  • Sorrento to Castellammare di Stabia
  • Sorrento to Naples

Alilauro's fleet

The fleet of Alilauro contains hhe high-speed vessels:

  • Acapulco
  • Agostino Lauro Jet
  • Airone jet
  • Angelina Lauro Jet
  • Annamaria Lauro
  • Celestina Lauro
  • Città di Forio
  • Giove Jet
  • Nettuno Jet
  • Rosaria Lauro

These agile ferries prioritize speed, making them ideal for shorter crossings between destinations.

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