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An easy guide with route details and updated routes, tips on how to book your ferry ticket with ANE Kalymnou. Explore our website and take advantage of the carrier's discounts and offers, check out the accommodation options on board and select the right vessel type for your ferry journey!

ANE Kalymnou is a ferry company that is based in the island of Kalymnos of the Dodecanese and is responsible for ferry routes between Kalymnos, Patmos, Leros, Samos, Lipsi, Arki, Kos and Astypalea. With its vessels "Nissos Kalymnos" and "Kalymnos Dolphin", the carrier contributes to the economic and touristic development of the aforementioned islands by providing safe, fast and reliable connections.

On all the ferries of ANE Kalymnou, you are welcomed and the helpful and kind staff will be more than happy to assist you on board during your passage.

Our site will help you locate everything you need to know about traveling with ANE Kalymnou - from timetable and price information to planning your vacations and great deals on popular destinations.

ANE Kalymnou booking terms

ANE Kalymnou ferry tickets & timetables

Take advantage of our online booking platform and get real-time availability and prices in order to book your ANE Kalymnou tickets to your destination.

It is very important to plan your trip and book your tickets in advance, having all the details arranged. After your hotel booking, it would be wise to book your ferry tickets as well, so that everything is under your control before you even leave home. Find the best deal at a price that fits your budget!

Now, making a reservation is so simple! All you need to do is select the destination, the departure date and click on "Show Timetables" to view ANE Kalymnou routes and timetables. You will immediately see all of them in real-time!

Any combination of discount or offer (e.g. Early booking, Automembership, etc.) is automatically considered!

The conventional vessels of ANE Kalymnou, are running frequently from the port of Kalymnos to the ports of Mastichari in Kos, Astypalea and Pythagorio in Samos. Before reaching the port of Pythagorio, the ferries make stops to Leros, Lipsi, Patmos, Arki and Agathonisi.

Note: Schedules may change by season, so take an optical canvassing via our search engine to receive the updated departures and the valid prices as well as the current availability.

Start packing your bags, we wish you a pleasant trip!

Accommodation on board

ANE Kalymnou can carry passengers on board in a choice of economy numbered airplane type seats. There is also the opportunity of sitting on the open decks.

Airplane type seats are numbered seats and booked on the name of the passengers. Passengers can leave their luggage at a specially-designated area next to the garage entrance or carry with them. Passengers can get up, wander around the ships' facilities, go to the sunny deck or to the self service restaurant and enjoy ship's full facilities!

Choose one of accommodation options and arrive fresh and relaxed to your destination harbor! There is a range of accommodation options to choose for a night or a day crossing to your arrival port.

Vessels of ane kalymnou

Get to know the vessels of ANE Kalymnou, see photos and descriptions and choose the ship type that suits your requirements!

Throughout the year the regular fleet of ANE Kalymnou is operating daily from the port of Kalymnos to Kos (Mastichari), Astypalea and Samos (Pythagorio). For the route to Samos, the ships also make stops to Leros, Lipsi, Patmos, Arki and Agathonisi. 

Nissos Kalymnos is a ferryboat that can carry both passengers and vehicles while it provides a self service restaurant and an open deck. Kalymnos Dolphin carries only passengers and owns an open deck as well.

Don't miss the chance to travel with the regular vessels of ANE Kalymnou and have a great journey in the Aegean Sea!

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