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Explore the beauty of Procida Island and the stunning Gulf of Naples with Ippocampo Procida. Discover ferry routes, private tours and boat rentals.

Ippocampo Procida: Island hopping in the Gulf of Naples!

Ippocampo Procida is a ferry company that is located in the midst of the Gulf of Naples, Italy and specifically focuses on routes in the gulf.

The carrier connects mainland Italy (Monte di Procida) with the islands of Procida and Ischia.

Private island trips provide a more customized experience while visiting Procida.

Tourists can rent a raft or a gozzo boat (a traditional wooden fishing boat) for personal exploring.

Their vessels and staff offer pleasant service, adequate dining selections onboard and clean amenities.

Ippocampo Procida is ideal for travelers who are looking for a simple and picturesque method to visit Procida Island and its surroundings, also for those who desire to feel the charm of traditional gozzo boats or those who prefer personalized excursions with a local twist.

Their services make it easy and fun to explore the gorgeous islands and learn about local marine culture.

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