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Naviera Armas is a well-established ferry company that operates in Spain and the Canary Islands. With a records from 1941, the company has grown to become a main provider of ferry services in the region. Naviera Armas offers more than a few ferry routes, connecting various locations and providing an important transportation link for passengers and cargo.

Naviera Armas boasts numerous state-of-the-art vessels, such as conventional ferries and high-speed ferries. This permits the company to cater various needs and provide lots of services to its customers. The organization's fleet is well-maintained and adheres to the best protection requirements, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey for passengers.

The ferry company operates a comprehensive network of ferry routes, serving both domestic and international destinations. In Spain, Naviera Armas connects towns consisting of Huelva, Cadiz and Almeria with the Canary Islands, providing an important link among the mainland and the archipelago.

Naviera Armas is devoted to providing an exquisite ferry experience for its passengers. Naviera Armas gives a number of onboard services and facilities to ensure convenience and comfort throughout the journey. Passengers can enjoy spacious seating areas, restaurants, stores and lounges. Additionally, the high-speed ferries' characteristics present modern facilities and cozy seating, allowing passengers to journey in comfort.

For the ones traveling with vehicles, Naviera Armas offers efficient and reliable transportation services. The organization's ships are geared up to deal with plenty of goods, along with vehicles, freight and other shipment. This makes Naviera Armas a perfect choice for transporting items among the mainland and the Canary Islands, as well as within the other islands of the archipelago.

The carrier is dedicated to run in an environmentally accountable way. It acknowledges the importance of sustainability and actively seeks to decrease its environmental effect. Through the use of modern, fuel-efficient vessels and the implementation of green practices, Naviera Armas strives to lessen emissions and conserve natural assets. By prioritizing sustainability, the organization aims to make a contribution to the preservation of the marine surroundings even while continuing to provide essential ferry services.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Naviera Armas. The carrier is dedicated to delivering brilliant service and making sure that passengers have a nice time when traveling with them. Naviera Armas targets to offer pleasant and efficient customer support at every point of the journey. It additionally values feedback from customers and makes use of it to usually improve its services and operations.

Naviera Armas gives a robust emphasis on protection and reliability. The service adheres to strict safety guidelines and strategies to ensure the well-being of passengers and team members. Every Naviera Armas ferry is frequently inspected and maintained to uphold the best protection requirements. Additionally, Naviera Armas employs skilled and professional specialists who are devoted to working ferries with precision and care. This unwavering commitment to protection has earned the ferry company a recognition for reliability and trustworthiness amongst vacationers.

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The routes of Naviera Armas

Naviera Armas is a renowned ferry company that offers a variety of routes connecting different destinations. Here are some of the routes provided by Naviera Armas:

Canary Islands

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Morro Jable (Fuerteventura)
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Arrecife (Lanzarote)
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Agaete (Gran Canaria)
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife to San Sebastian de la Gomera
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Santa Cruz de La Palma
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Valverde (El Hierro)

Mainland Spain

  • Huelva to the Canary Islands (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
  • Cadiz to the Canary Islands (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife)


  • Algeciras to Tangier
  • Algeciras to Ceuta

These routes provide passengers with convenient and reliable transportation options between the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and Morocco. Naviera Armas is committed to delivering high-quality ferry services, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers.

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