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Cheap Greek Ferries 2022

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An easy guide for Cheap Greek Ferries and their destinations to the Greek islands. Explore the website and find all necessary details for Cheap Greek Ferries like schedule departures, prices and accommodation options with real time availability!


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Ferries are the most common way of transport to and from the islands. You can reach the Island of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Milos and other Cyclades islands with regular ferries departing from Piraeus, Rafina or Lavrio ports.

The long-distance islands like Lesvos, Rhodes and Crete are best reached by regular ferry with overnight on board. Some of the Cyclades islands like Andros, Tinos and Mykonos; you may reach them from the Athenian port of Rafina, boarding a catamaran ferry. They are more expensive but you can reach the islands shortly.

Regular ferries are the primary means of transport to and from the islands, and the trip is an experience to be savored, like a day cruise!

The cheapest way to travel to the Greek islands is by using an economy deck category. Ιf you have a sleeping bag and it's a night ferry, there is no better place to be then under the stars with a bottle of wine and some fellow travelers!


High-speed ferries to/from and between the Greek islands are most frequented from May to October. In the rest of the year, the islands are served by regular but modern and safe ferries.

From December to March there is a dead schedule that can make difficult to impossible the move between some islands. For example, there are no runs between Crete and Santorini, between Santorini and Mykonos or between Crete and Mykonos. To reach one of these islands in winter, you must arrive in Athens first!

Complete the fields and click on SHOW to find the ferry schedules and timetables and to compare the prices of all cheap ferries that run to the Greek islands!


In Greece, there is no possibility of a multi-stop cheap ferry ticket-pass!
Ferry tickets are individual tickets, purchased for a specific itinerary and for personal use. If you are going to travel to more than one Greek island then you will need to buy a ferry ticket for each itinerary. Every route is an individual ticket!


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Cyclades Fast Ferries Andros 62 image
Levante Ferries Fior Levante 54 image
Levante Ferries Exteriors 57 image

Regular ferries

They carry vehicles and passengers. They are mainly used to cover long distances and are more economical than high-speed and catamaran ferries.

High-Speed ferries

Are like catamaran type but their speed is 50% higher than a regular ferry. They usually carry passengers and vehicles.

Catamaran ferries

These are ships with many hulls or two grooves. The catamarans have a greater width than the classic types of ships and are therefore more stable in the water. They usually only carry passengers but there are also some that carry passengers and vehicles.


Are catamaran type, with a cat-like design. They are used for short distances and they carry only passengers.


Everything you need to know about ferry types and accommodation options on cheap Ferries; reserve the ideal accommodation option on a ferry to the islands and get fresh and relaxed at your destination!

Comfortable armchairs, business class comfort seats, outside and inside cabins or economy deck chairs. There is a range of accommodation options to choose for a day or night ferry to the Greek islands.

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