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Fortress overlooking the town and its beautiful bay in Lesvos

An easy guide for how to get to Lesvos by Ferry, schedules and prices for the Ferry to Lesvos and recommendations for public transportation services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Lesvos; Destinations and Routes with schedules and prices, Accommodation options with real time Availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Lesvos!

We have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers to get to Lesvos as easily and pleasantly as possible.

Find useful information on how to get to Lesvos by ferry, local public transportation options to reach your overnight hotel in Lesvos, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules, prices and real-time departures / arrivals.

  • Ferries depart every day from the Port of Piraeus to the Port of Mytilene. The 10-hour journey is usually overnight, departing Piraeus in the evening and arriving at the island the next morning.
  • The ferries connect Lesvos with other ports and islands including Limnos, Agios Efstratios, Chios, Kavala, Mykonos, Samos, Ikaria, Kos and Rhodes.

Getting to Lesvos by ferry is the best option you have and it can be a very nice and exciting experience and especially if you are doing some island-hopping too. Greek islanders are seasoned ferry experts and they prefer to travel by ferry because of the convenience and flexibility it affords!

Cars are allowed on most ferries running to or from Lesvos, for an additional fee and children usually travel for half price!

  • There is a choice of modern Conventional ferries running frequently with stops along the way.

Give a departure port and a date and find all possible ferry destinations!

Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections. The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new ferry schedules by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year!

Public transportation services on Lesvos

Ports of call in Lesvos

  • There are 2 ports in Lesvos: The main port that is situated in the city of Mytilene and Mithymna port in Molyvos that is approx. 60 km north from the capital.

Road link on Lesvos

  • Lesvos has a well-developed road network. The island’s roads are going through a major transformation due to European Union funding and all the main routes between major towns are now asphalted.
  • The most recent upgrades include the Kalloni to Mandamados route through the birding area of the Napi valley and an improved road in and out of Mytilene to the west of the town.
  • The ones leading to the remote and secluded places are dirt or gravel roads. Sometimes, depending on recent weather, these roads are in a poor condition and not suitable for a standard car.

Public Bus Services on Lesvos

  • Most buses depart from Mytilene city to all directions.
  • The Intercity line serves the city of Mytilene, the suburbs, and the airport and Thermi beach on the north.
  • Terminal / Station: Sapfous Square, 49 A Pavlou Kountourioti str. (approx. 1 km from the harbour)
  • Tel.: +30 2251046436, +30 6978814001

Long distance towns and villages are served from KTEL Bus Organization. The main routes are to Petra, Sikounda, Agiassos, Vassilika, Lisvori, Polichnitos, Vrissa, Vatera, Kato Tritos, Paleokipos, Plakados, Papades, Skopelos, Trigonas, Plagia, Plomari, Kaloni, Filia, Skalohori, Vatoussa, Andissa, Eressos, Sigri, Mithymna, Agia Paraskevi, Parakila, Agra, Messotopos, Mistegna, Nees Kidonies, Mandamados, Klio and Molyvos.

  • Terminal / Station: 2, Agias Eirinis Square (approx. 200 meters from the harbor)
  • Tel.: +30 2251028873
  • Mail: info@ktel-lesvou.gr
  • Schedules
  • Tickets can be purchased from the kiosk/booth on the main Terminal or by the bus driver.

Lesvos Taxis

  • Taxi ranks are found in Mytilene town center near the Long distance bus station (2, Agias Eirinis Square, approx. 200 meters from the harbor). Taxis are usually painted silver or yellow and are found at all the main resorts such as Petra, Molyvos and Kalloni. Most villages will have at least one local taxi driver on call in the main square.
  • Outside the capital, drivers may prefer not to use a meter but will charge about one euro per kilometer. Always agree a price before getting in. Typical inter-village taxis fares are found at Lesvos Taxi which operates all over the island and claims cheap rates for island excursions.
  • Taxi in Molyvos and Petra: +30 2253071339, +30 6944629518
  • e-mail: christos.tatas@gmail.com

Note: All above information for Lesvos was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Schedules, prices and availability to Lesvos by ferry

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Book in advance your ferry to Lesvos

Arrange your ferry journey in advance

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Accommodation options on the ferry to Lesvos

Find out about the ferry types that are running to/from Lesvos, choose the ideal accommodation option on the ferry to Lesvos and get fresh and relaxed at your destination. Comfortable armchairs, business class comfort seats, outside and inside cabins or economy deck chairs. There is a range of accommodation options to choose for a day or night ferry to or from Lesvos.

About Lesvos

The fascinating Lesvos with abundant waters, rich flora and fauna, famed olive groves, sweet Mediterranean climate, spas, the unique fossilized forest, charming settlements and incredible samples of industrial architecture (oil mills, soap making, tanneries) from the island’s industrial development in the 19th century, is bound to impress all visitors. It is the third Greek island in size, after Crete and Evia, with a surface of 1,630 km2 and a coastline of 370 km. It has 90,000 inhabitants. Lesvos is a few miles away from the southwest coast of Turkey, and it is located almost at the entrance of Adramytios bay, north of Chios. It belongs to Lesvos Prefecture which also includes Limnos and Aghios Efstratios. It is famed for its ouzo and olive oil.

In prehistoric times it was called Lasia, for its rich and woody vegetation. It has also been called Imerti (yearned), Pelasgia, Eolida and Makaria. The name Lesvos originated from the mythic hero Lesvos, who arrived here with Lapithes from Thessalia and married Mithymna the daughter of the settler Makara. In prehistoric times, it has been an important center of the NE Aegean civilization, while it reached a great economic, commercial and spiritual heyday during the archaic era (7th-6th century B.C.). It is the place of origin of the famed ancient poets Sapfo and Alkeos. Many Lesbian fighters and members of Filiki Eteria played a leading role in the 1821 revolution against the Turks. Lesvos was liberated in 1912 according to the agreement of the Lausanne Convention. Many refugees from the Asia Minor coast settled on the island after the Asia Minor Disaster (1922) and the subsequent population exchange agreement.

Lesvos' contribution to arts and literature has been invaluable. Many prominent personalities were born here, such as Arion, Terpandros, Theofrastos, Pittakos o Mytilineos, Theofilos, Ilias Venezis, Stratis Mirivilis, Argyris Eftaliotis (Kleanthis Michailidis), George Iakovidis and Stratis Eleftheriadis, while the Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis also originated from here. Mytilini is connected by ferry with Piraeus port and by air with Eleftherios Venizelos Athens airport.
Internet web page of the Prefectural Self governance of Lesvos: www.lesvos.gr

What to see in Lesvos

The capital Mytilene has an interesting archaeological museum as well as a folklore museum. You can also visit the 14th century Kastro, as well as the Roman theatre from the 3rd or 2nd century BC.

The most beautiful part of the island is by the Kallanis Bay in the center of the island. There, you can visit the picturesque villages Kalloni and Molyvo. At the ancient town you can still see walls from the 8th century BC. There is a Byzantine castle.

Not far from there is Petra, a village with a strange, tall cliff with a church from the 18th century dedicated to the Virgin Mary the Sweet Kisser (Panagia Glykofilousas) on top of it.

The monastery Limonos holds invaluable treasures in its museum. Parts of the monastery can only be visited by men.

The nunnery Ag Raphael is also open to the public.

At the village Mantamado there is a church dedicated to the saint Taxiarchon. It has a famous icon which allegedly was made out of clay and blood.

Another famous icon is kept at the church of the Virgin Mary Zion (Panagia Sion). It was allegedly made by the evangelist Lucas, and is believed to have healing powers.

A little further north, the picturesque village Mithymna is situated by the sea. The village is full of traditional houses and winding streets, and there is an old Kastro here.

Eressos is another lovely village of special interest, since both Sappho and Theophrastus lived here. There is an archaeological and a folklore museum here, as well as a petrified forest well worth a visit...

Museums - Lesvos
Archaeological Museum (Old Building): 22510-28.032
Archaeological Museum (New Building): 22510-40.223
Byzantine-Ecclesiastical: 22510-28.916
Folklore Art: 22510-44.165
Theofilos Museum:
Strati Eleftheriadi-Teriade: 22510-23.372

Sigri - fossilized forest
The unique fossilized forest covering the Sigri-Eressos-Antissa area has been designated as a preserved natural monument since 1985. It is a forest ecosystem that has been fossilized 15-20 million years ago due to the intense volcanic activity in the area which included coniferous forests and mainly huge sequoias and primitive pine trees. It is one of the rarest natural monuments in the world (the only similar ecosystems today are the coniferous forests in north America), visited by thousands of tourists. The removal and transfer of fossilized material is prohibited by law. The forest includes six visitor parks in the area.
Museum of Natural History: 22530-54.434

Useful information

  • Archaeological Museum (Old Building): 22510-28.032
  • Archaeological Museum (New Building): 22510-40.223
  • Museum of Natural History: 22530-54.434
  • Byzantine-Ecclesiastical: 22510-28.916
  • Folklore Art: 22510-44.165
  • Strati Eleftheriadi-Teriade: 22510-23.372
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