Ferry to Spetses

Aerial view of the port of Spetses

An easy guide for how to get to Spetses by Ferry, schedules and prices for the Ferry to Spetses and recommendations for public transportation and services.

How to get to Spetses by ferry

There are two ways you can access the island of Spetses: By sea and by land and sea.

  • By Sea from Athens to Spetses
    From Piraeus port, gate E9, take the Flying Dolphin or Catamaran to Spetses. The duration of the route is about 2,5 to 3 hours.
  • By Land and Sea
    If you are by car, you can reach Kosta, the southwest coast of Argolida Prefecture, right across the island of Spetses.

Public transportation services in Spetses

Public Bus Service on Spetses
There are two buses that only operate during the tourist season and perform two different journeys every half hour each.

  • The first one starts from the beach of Agios Mamas, 300 meters to the left of the harbor and leads to Agia Marina, Kuzounos, Xilokeriza and ends at Agii Anargiri the first route, while the second, after Agii Anargiri, continues and ends Agia Paraskevi.
  • The second one starts from Posidonio's square, right next to the harbor and goes to Kounoupitsa, Patralis, Hotel "Spetses ", KAIKI beach, the Schools, Hotel " Xenia ", Bloumperi Hill and ends at Ligoneri and the village, the first route, while in the second, after Ligoneri it continues and ends at Vrellos beach.
  • The ticket costs between 1.40-3.50 Euros, depending on the route.
  • Details to bus timetables: +30 6978949722, +30 6944802536

Taxis on Spetses

  • The taxi rank is located at the port.
  • There are 8 different taxis you can use to get around.
  • Tel.: + 30 69322002240, + 30 6988060606, +30 6942635656, +30 6944605784, +30 6946167251, +30 6932200204, +30 6944251945, +30 6944251945, +30 6946853253

Horse Buggies

  • Tel.: +30 2298073171, +30 2298073170
  • For a more traditional way of getting around, you can get a horse carriage for a romantic ride to beaches. The cost is around €20/20 minutes.

Note: All above information for Spetses was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Schedules, prices and availability to Spetses by ferry

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Accommodation options on the ferry to Spetses

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About Spetses

It is the most southwestern island of the Saronikos Gulf, and one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan. The presence of the first inhabitants dates back to the Mesolithic era, circa 8000 B.C. and in ancient times it was called Pitiousa because of its pine trees. Its current name was given during the Venetian rule, because of the strong presence of fragrant flowers (isola di spezzie, i.e. the island of fragrances).

The island extends over a surface of 27 km2, its coastline is 29 km long and it has 4,000 inhabitants. Spetses is located 54 n.m. away from Piraeus and only 2,5 n.m. from the coast of Argos (Kosta region, near Porto Heli-Peloponnese) with the later is connected by ferry.

Spetses were one of the strongest naval and commercial power in the Aegean Sea. In 1821, when the War of Independence broke out many captains from Spetses contributed to the nation's struggle with their significant maritime power. During this struggle, one woman captain from Spetses stood out: her name was Laskarina Bouboulina. After the liberation, Spetses did not manage to gain back the commercial and financial power of the past due to the locals’ decision not to use steam in navigation. At the beginning of the 20th century, though, the island began to recover mainly because of tourism.

What to see in Spetses

The town of Spetses

Dapia port with its famous square where many locals and visitors meet is the trademark of the city. In Posidoniou square the impressive statue of Laskarina Bouboulina dominates.Kagkelaria, which is located at the extremity of Dapia port, played an important historical role. Before 1770, it was the place were the heads of the island used to meet, while later it became the Town Hall. The alleys of the town of Spetses are characterized by the particularly interesting traditional architecture, the neoclassic houses, the pebbled courtyards, the multi-colored fragrant flowers and beautiful balconies. In Spetses cars are prohibited, therefore the local people and visitors use motorcycles, bicycles, taxi and horse-drawn carriages for their transportation.

  • Dapia port, where you can see the old gun emplacement. It was the meeting point of noblemen and leaders of 1821
  • The neoclassical manor house of Sotirios Anargyros, a benefactor of the island, built during the 18th century. There were times that this building housed the Town Hall, offered shelter to the family of French baron Rothschild, and also hosted cultural events
  • The mansion of Bouboulina, which now functions as a Museum, located in the Pefkakia square. Its amazing carved ceiling in the big hall is worth seeing. It exhibits personal items and historic heirlooms connected to her activity during the war
  • The historic "Poseidonio” hotel, built in the beginning of the last century, with exceptional architectural features and wonderful decoration. Famous politicians, entrepreneurs and artists have stayed in this hotel. The imposing statue of Laskarina Bouboulina is located in Poseidonio Square
  • The Town Hall with the beautiful garden and traditional pebbled yard
  • The Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses with its rich historical archive. It was founded in 1927 and functioned up to 1983 giving renowned artists, scientists and politicians.
  • The Plateia Roloyiou or the Clock Square
  • The manor house of Chatziyannis Mexis, the first governor of the island. Nowadays a museum, it exposes objects associated with more than 4,000 years of cultural history of Spetses. Among the exhibits, you will have the opportunity to observe important relics of the 1821 Rebellion (the flag of the Revolution, the ossuary of Bouboulina, as well as weapons and portraits of naval fighters from Spestes)
  • The Kapodistrias Cultural House, near Aghios Nikolaos
    The lighthouse of Spetses: this lighthouse, along with the lighthouse of Kea were the first two lighthouses of the Lighthouse Network of Greece (1837). The stone lighthouse, which started its operation in 1885, decorates today the old port of Spetses
  • The Cathedral of Aghios Nikolaos. The flag of 1821 Rebellion was raised on the belfry of this church
  • The Panaghia of Armata (Holy Mother of Armada), built in the honor of the victories of people from Spetses, Hydra and Psara against the Turks. Inside the church, you can find a painting of I. Koutsis representing the naval battle that took place at the Spetses bay (1887)
  • The Bekiri cave, located at the beach of Aghioi Anargiroi (13 km E). It was used as a refuge by the fighters of 1821
  • The shipyards, in the old port


Swimming at the beaches of Aghia Paraskevi, Aghioi Anargiroi and Ksilokeriza on the SW side of the island. You can also visit the beaches of Zogeria, Vrelo and of Anargiriou School (NW). Equally beautiful are also the beaches of Ligoneri, W of Ntapia and the beach of Aghia Marina, on the E.
Spear fishing
Going around in the pine tree forest by bicycle or scooter.


The famous feast of Armada or the celebration of Spetses Naval Battle anniversary, organized every second weekend of September. The culmination of the celebration is the re-enactment of the Battle of Armada, the burning of the Turkish flagship and finally, fireworks.
Theatrical performances, speeches and conferences which are organized on the premises of the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses as well as the imposing Poseidonio Hotel every year in August.
Fair in honor of the saints of Spetses, Aghios Stamatios, Ioannis and Nikolaos, on February 3rd, and in honor of Aghios Nikolaos on December 6th.

Bekiri Cave

BEKIRI CAVE is located in Aghii Anargiri, on the back side of the island and was shelter of many fighters during the Greek Independence in 1821.

Useful Information

Municipality: 22980-74.517
Police station: 22980-73.100
Local medical center: 22980-72.472
Pharmacies: 22980-72.480, 72.256
Local Port Authority: 22980-72.245
Sea taxi: 22980-74.885
Museum 22980-72.416
Museum 22980-72.994

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