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Aerial Photo Of Traditional Fishing Boat Anchored Near Small Picturesque Port Of Agnontas in Skopelos

How to get to Sporades by ferry, timetables and fares for Sporades ferry and local public transport recommendations. Explore our website and find all the necessary information about the ferry to Sporades, such as: E.g.: Connected routes with port description, real-time availability with various accommodation options on board and helpful transfer options on Sporades!

Sporades are one of the most famous and most visited group of islands in Greece
They can be reached by modern ferries from Agios Konstantinos (summer season), Volos (all year round) and Thessaloniki (summer season only).

The Sporades Island group

How to get to Sporades by ferry

  • From the port of Agios Konstantinos, about 120 km from Athens International Airport
  • From Volos port, about 300 km from Athens airport

Ferry connections to the Sporades

The ferry connections to the Sporades are carried out using modern and comfortable ferries.

  • Volos - Skiathos, approx. 2.30 hours by normal car ferry or approx. 1.45 hours by high-speed ferry
  • Volos - Skopelos, approx. 3.30 hours with normal car ferry or approx. 2.10 hours with high-speed ferry
  • Agios Konstantinos - Skiathos, approx. 3.45 hours by normal car ferry

Popular ferry connections to the Sporades

  • Volos - Skiathos and Skopelos
  • Mantoudi (Euboea) - Skopelos and Alonissos
  • Agios Konstantinos - Skiathos

If you reserve the return journey on the Sporades car ferries at the same time, most shipping companies offer a discount on the Sporades ferry connection.

The prices shown are for your guidance and may change at any time. You can find the exact prices for Sporades ferries, whether with accommodation on deck or lounge chairs, quickly and easily on our search engine.

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Note: Each year and depending on the period there may be more or fewer connections to/from Sporades. The largest shipping companies announce the new ferry connections to/from Sporades by the end of December last year, the others from January to March for the current year!

Sporades ferry tickets

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