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What to see in Chios

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An easy guide for how to get to Chios by Ferry, schedules and prices for the Ferry to/from Chios and recommendations for public transportation and services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Chios; Connected Routes with departures and frequency, Accommodation options with real-time Availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Chios!

There is a stone on the island called Homer's stone (Petra Omirou), where the poet sat and worked according to those that believe he was from here.
Agia Markella is a monastery open to visitors, and is located outside the village Volissos. The saint is celebrated on July 22nd.

Nea Moni of Chios

Nea Moni (11th century) has been the most important religious center of Chios for centuries and one of the most important Byzantine monuments in Greece (it is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Monument List). One of the most important ensembles of Byzantine mosaics in the Mediterranean is preserved in the catholicon! The museum which is housed in an old two story cell exhibits post Byzantine icons as well as religious and folk embroidery.
Nea Moni Museum: 22710-79.370

Note: if you want to visit the monasteries, make sure you are dressed properly: long skirt and covered shoulders for women, long trousers for men.
The so called Mastikochoria are in the area where the mastic tree grows. It has a special kind of sap that is used in making chewing gum, toothpaste and local sweets. Here there is also a 15th century castle, some old churches and the ruins of an ancient temple to Athena.

The most popular beach is probably Karfas, but there are also well developed beaches around Chios town. For more peace and quiet, you can go to the beach Kato Fana, for example, but it is also a good idea to try to find your own place by renting a vehicle and drive around.

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