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History of Fethiye

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Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Get important tourist information for your ferry trip to Fethiye and read our recommendations and tips.

Fethiye is a notable territory of Mugla city. It is situated on the Mediterranean shoreline of Turkey, 50 Km far from Dalaman air terminal. Fethiye is situated on the old antiquated city of "Telmessos" which you can see the remains and theater in the town. The town is prominent with the travel industry and its stunning nature. The populace of the Fethiye is around 115,000 and gets occupied at summer season.

In a legend "Telmessos" is portrayed as the name of the child of God Apollo. He fells in adoration with the girl of the King Agenor, the ruler of Phoenicia. He hands his self over to a little puppy and additions the adoration for the pulled back, modest girl. At that point shows up as a good looking man and have the child named "Telmessos" which signifies "Place where there are the Lights"

The city turned out to be a piece of the Persian Empire 547 BC. "Telmessos" joined the "Storage room Delos Union" set up in fifth century BC. Later city left the association and turned into an autonomous city, proceeded with its relations with the association until the fourth century BC.

Fethiye developed quickly in the nineteenth century and had an extensive populace of Greek residents. Amid the trade among Greece and Turkey, the Greeks were sent to Greece and the town was settled with Turks originated from Greece. The advanced name "Fethiye" was given to the town to pay tribute to Fethi Bey who was one of the main pilots of the Ottoman Air Force kicked the bucket in a mission.

These days Fethiye is a visitor town with its global environment. There are 3 marinas in the town serves to worldwide and neighborhood guests and voyage ships. Town has everything that a vacationer searches for. Scrumptious eateries, incredible nightlife, history and nature, astonishing bayous, customary markets and shops, day by day journeys and exercises and it is most likely the main city on the planet where you will discover stone casket and bunches of sanctuaries and demolishes in the lanes.

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