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History of Kusadasi

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Kusadasi is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Get important tourist information for your ferry trip to Kusadasi and read our recommendations and tips

Kusadasi, which signifies "fowl island", is set in a wonderful inlet in the Aegean locale of Turkey and is known for its turquoise shimmering water of the Sea, expansive sandy shorelines, brilliant sun and huge marina. A heavenly old city remains next to it, Ephesus with a huge number of guests from visits every year. The town isn't a long way from Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir (just 80 km). Various occasion towns and inns line its shores and many eateries serve sustenance from all around the globe and, obviously, Turkish Cuisine, which is one of the most tasted cuisines of the world. There are likewise numerous lodgings, discos, bars, bistros, bars and "Turkish Nights".

Around 2000 BC. individuals originating from Lelek, Caria and Lydia had settled down as a general public to the inclines of Pilav Mountain. Later one by one with the unit settlements Pigalle, Maratheson, Neopolis and Panionion woke up; Ionians and later Romans by Ephesus coming into the strength of Rome, had lived in these terrains.

The present Kusadasi is established in the sixteenth century by Venetians as a settlement. The manor on the little island was worked with the end goal of perception in Byzantine occasions. In the Middle Ages Kusadasi was governed by Venetians and Genoese which had taken the name of Scala Nova.

The city was encompassed with château dividers for being shielded from the brutality of privateers, extremely normal in the Mediterranean those hundreds of years. It's realized that there is an Ionian Region of Kusadasi. This had taken a vital harbor mission on Asia - Europe exchange street for a long time.

In the time of Scala Nova, the Armenians prevailing to exchange, Greeks and Jews had joined to previous countries. With the Manzikert (Malazgirt) War in 1071 Seljuk Turks had begun to spread in Anatolia and amid the procedure of Turkish realms development, in 1304 Sasa Bey had been the specialist of Kusadasi and environment. Mehmet Bey had associated this region to Aydinogullari after Sasa's passing.

Kusadasi is a harbor town and Turks had remembered this. In spite of the fact that they were migrants from focal Asia and far from sea business. They had lived serenely with the crown jewels they got at maritime fights. Kilic Arslan added this town to Selcuk government and Scala Nova again had turned into the exportation door of Anatolia in 1186. The Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Beyazit had joined Ayasulug (in Selcuk town) to his territories and the city wound up Ottoman in 1390. Tamerlane (Timurlenk) chose to take entire of Anatolia under his sovereign, however when he couldn't take Ayasulug he put the palace ablaze in which Ottoman fighters opposed, and St. Jean's Church was harmed severely. With Çelebi Mehmet I Kusadasi had accumulated to the Ottoman Empire and turned into a locale.

With the regions going to Ottomans, Turks went into social orders in these territories. Toward the finish of first World War, Ottoman Government had survived, so Kusadasi was given to Italians with a bargain, and under their standard, the town was loaded up with Turks, Greeks, Jews, Armenians. The greater part of those minorities left the nation on seventh September 1923 after the triumph of War of Independence driven by Atatürk. Terrains among Güzelcamli and Selcuk, the domains of Greeks which returned amid the consent to trade minorities among Greece and Turkey, were given to Turkish migrants consequently to their properties there; the equivalent was finished by the Greek government. This movement was somewhere in the range between 1941 and 1955.

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