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What to See in Kythira

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An easy guide for how to get to Kythira by Ferry, schedules and prices for the Ferry to/from Kythira and recommendations for public transportation and services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Kythira; Connected Routes with departures and frequency, Accommodation options with real-time Availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Kythira!

The old windmill close to Piso Gialo
The pine tree forest located behind the settlement where Aghios Ioannis Theologos chapel stands (1592)
Aghios Mironas Byzantine church .
Aghia Sofia cave.

Walking in Avlemona Kithira
It is a scenic fishing village, with bright white houses and blue windows and gardens full of flowers, built on the rocky creeks of the coast. In its leeward gulfs several small natural “pools”, very popular with all visitors of the island, are formed. It is located 19 km NE of Chora.

The small Venetian castle at the port entrance
Aghios Georgios church (6th century) on top of a hill with its beautiful mosaics
Aghios Kosmas church in “Paleokastro” location
Paleopoli (3 km W) with the large and quiet beach located in the area of ancient Skandia which was destroyed by the eruption of Santorini volcano
Kaladi with its beautiful beach.
Swimming in the settlement beaches, in Kaladi, in Paleopoli, in Limni and inPiatsa. In the south you can swim in Kobonada and Firi Ammos.

Travelling to Ariniadika Kithira
It is a traditional landlocked village that produces amazing honey. It is located 15 km N of Chora.

Aloizianika, Friligkianika, Kastritsianika and Pitsinades villages, all with well preserved architectural character
Paleochora castle (Aghios Dimitrios), where the byzantine capital of the island used to be. Its construction began in 1248 and it was destroyed in 1537 by pirate Barbarossa. Ruins of houses and churches are still preserved. In some of these churches you will see amazing hagiographies. The view here is unique.
Lagkadas gorge

Walking in Aghia Pelagia
It is a well known and popular summer resort with amazing beaches. From its port depart ships to Neopoli of Lakonia prefecture. It is located 26 km N of Chora.

Aghia Patrikia church in the area where also the boat yard is located.
Karavas village (5 km NW). It is one of the most beautiful villages in the island built in a lush green area. From the location “Amir Ali” starts a pathway along a small river which after an hour ends up in Platia Ammos beach.
Spathi peninsula (N) with the lighthouse, the beautiful view of the Peloponnesian coasts and the isolated Aghios Nikolaos beach.

Walking in Potamos Kithira
Traditional large village (the largest in the island) with beautiful mansions and scenic coffee houses and restaurants. Every Sunday a large open air bazaar takes place in the central paved square where people sell authentic traditional products of the island such as honey, dried bread etc and many locals gather. It is located 19 km N of Chora.
Panagia Ilariotissa, Aghii Theodori, Aghia Anastasia and Aghios Nikonaschurches, all located close to the village
The nearby villages Logothetianika and Kousounari

Walking in Mitata Kithira
It is a small traditional village, built in an area full of olive trees, citruses, walnut trees and vineyards and with an amazing view. The village is famous for its wine production. It is located 18 km N of Chora.

Aghia Triada church standing at the village's square
The spring nearby the village
The old windmills
The black cave
Tsakonas gorge

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