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History of Porto Vecchio

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A brief guide on how to get to Porto Vecchio by ferry, schedules and prices for the ferry to Porto Vecchio and recommendations for public transportation options. Explore our website and find all necessary details, plus connected routes with frequency, accommodation options on board with real-time availability.

Porto Vecchio is an ancient town in southeast Corsica that dates back to ancient times. The city is built on a cliff and offers some spectacular views over the sea and its old port. The city center is very romantic with medieval streets and many cafeterias and eating places. The city is one of the most popular in Corsica and thousands of passengers disembark at its ancient port every year to spend their vacation. Porto Vecchio offers the whole package and is suitable both for families and for companies, offering stunning views, great beaches, many shops and activities to do, such as hiking, windsurfing, canyoning, mountain biking and more. 

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