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Ferry Igoumenitsa-Brindisi

Igoumenitsa-Brindisi is a popular ferry line that has been in service for over 30 years. The crossing takes approx. 10 hours (check the detailed timetable by searching online). The route is now operated by Grimaldi Lines which has their own car and passenger ferries Euroferry Olympia and Euroferry Egnazia going back and forth between the two countries.
They offer several times a week departures on the ferry route from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi.

Please note that you will need to check in at least 2 hours before departure in Igoumenitsa. Foot and vehicle passengers need to show up in the Terminal (here's also the ticket office, where you get your boarding tickets).

The port address in Greece:
a) Igoumenitsa
Passenger Terminal – New Port
Tel.: +30 26650 24404

The access to the port Igoumenitsa:
-by the Egnatia odos motorway with code number Ε90
-by the National Road Igoumenitsa-Ioannina-Metsovo-Trikala with code number Ε-90/Ε-92 and with Ε-92 for the section from prefectures of Ioannina and Trikala boarders.
-by the National Road Igoumenitsa–Preveza with code number Ε55.

The same goes for the Terminal in Brindisi. Check-in must happen at least 2 hours before departure. The check-in office is in the Terminal, and as foot and vehicle passenger you can get your boarding tickets here.

The port address in Brindisi:
Costa Morena Terminal
Tel. +39 0831 548116

The access to the port Brindisi:
a) Coming from South (ss16 Sicily/Calabria): follow the indications of the exit "Lecce/Zona Industriale/Porto". Continue until the exit "Grecia/Porto/Zona Industriale" and then follow the sign "Porto/Costa Morena/Grecia".
b) Coming from North (ss 379): arrived at Brindisi, leaving the SS 379 and continue along the SS 16 following the signs for the release "Zona Industriale/Porto/Lecce." Continue until the exit "Grecia/Porto/Zona
Industriale" and continue towards "Porto/ Costa Morena/ Grecia".

Have a nice trip!

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