Schedules, prices & seasonality

Schedules and prices are key factors in your purchasing process, so take the time to research your options and find the best combination for you.

How can I obtain information regarding schedules, prices, availability, as well as departure and arrival dates?

Our booking system allows you to easily compare all available ferry schedules and prices for your desired route. By entering your route in the respective fields of the booking engine, you will receive real-time information on schedules, prices, availability for each accommodation and vehicle, departure/arrival dates, and all carriers and ships operating the route. This ensures that you can make an informed decision based on reliable information presented on one screen and in real-time.

Once you have successfully completed your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation with all necessary information on your confirmation screen, through email and in My Booking section. Our system is designed to make the booking process easy, fast and safe for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our booking system.

What is the cost of a ferry ticket?

As an independent booking and comparison aggregator, aims to provide transparent and reliable services to its customers. We understand that pricing is a crucial factor in making travel decisions, which is why we only display prices set by our partners, including travel agencies and carriers.

Our booking system ensures that the prices you see at the beginning of the booking process remain the same until the end. This way, you can easily compare prices and make an informed decision without any surprises or hidden charges.

The final ticket cost depends on the chosen partner (travel agency, carrier), vessel, route, total number of passengers and accommodation etc. In this final price, the following are included:

  • Ferry ticket cost (value of carrier’s ferry tickets)
  • VAT and taxes (government and port taxes)
  • Fuel surcharges (if applicable)
  • Booking fees of the travel agency
  • Transaction fees for standard credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)

It is necessary to read and accept the booking conditions of the travel agency and the carrier before completing your purchase.

When can I learn about the availability of schedules for the upcoming year?

The schedules for international routes (e.g., Italy - Greece - Italy) for the upcoming year will be available from mid to end of November. We advise you to keep this date in mind as we will be offering lucrative discounts and offers for a limited period on these routes. For instance, we will be offering an early booking discount for Italy - Greece - Italy.

On the other hand, the schedules for domestic routes will be available at the beginning of the first quarter of the same year.

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Which ferry routes are not bookable through

Ferry routes such as Patras - Corfu/ Kefalonia/ Lefkada and Costa – Spetses cannot be booked online.

When wishing to travel to these destinations, it is important to note that ferry routes are available, but cannot be booked online. These routes are operated by local carriers who do not release their schedules through online booking platforms. To book a crossing, you must go directly to the port and purchase a ticket at the ticket booths located at these ports. You can find schedules, prices, and contact details online by searching for "local ferries" and the departure and arrival ports you wish to travel between. It is important to keep in mind that these routes are not online bookable and are only displayed online for planning purposes.

During high season, crossings take place daily on approximately a half-hour basis, but they are popular and crowded in summer, so be prepared for a possible queue. Additionally, some carriers that operate on the Italy - Greece - Italy routes make stopovers in Corfu and Igoumenitsa (or Kefalonia and Zakynthos) but only operate on international routes as their ships carry the Italian flag and it is impossible to book or embark/disembark on an intermediate route.