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The Agency and the Providers are solely responsible for the ferry travel products and services offered to users through go-Ferry.com Websites.


(Updated February 23, 2021)

Table of Contents

Terms of Use & Services of the Booking Platform & of the Websites

A. Terms & Conditions
B. Definitions

1. Object & Nature of our Service
2. Prices of Ferry Products
3. Personal Data Protection & Cookies
4. No Extra Charge for Consumers
5. Credit Card or Bank Remittance
6. Payment, Cancellation, Non-Show & Fine Print
7. Correspondence & Contact
    7.1. PLASYS Data
8. Politically Sensitive Comments
9. Disclaimer
10. Intellectual Property Rights
11. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution
12. Amendment & Revision of Terms
13. About PLASYS and Supporting Companies

Terms of Use & Services of the Booking Platform & of the Websites

A. Terms & Conditions

The company PLASYS - Ticket Platfroms & Travel Reservation Systems Ltd. (hereinafter "PLASYS"), administrator of the websites go-Ferry.com, goFerry.de, goFerry.gr, go-Ferry.fr, goFerry.it, goFerry.es, isFerry.com, isFerry.de, isFerry.gr, isFerry.fr, isFerry.it, isFerry.es and ticket-platform.com (hereinafter "Website", "Websites" etc.), has developed a modern electronic platform (hereinafter "Platform") for search and booking of ferry products and offers its services to users around the world in collaboration with providers / distributors of ferry products and services (hereinafter "Providers" , "Provider" etc.).

These terms and conditions, as amended from time to time, apply to all our services, which are available directly or indirectly online (through the Providers), via any electronic and / or mobile device, via email or telephone. By accessing, navigating and using our website (for electronic and / or mobile devices) or any of our other applications through the Platform and / or by booking, you accept and confirm that you have read and understood and that you agree to the terms and conditions set out below (including the privacy policy).

These websites, the content and structure of these websites, as well as the online booking service offered on these Websites and through this website are owned, operated and offered by the company PLASYS and are provided only for your personal, non-commercial (B2C) use, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. The relationship we have with the Providers is governed by separate terms and conditions, which determine the commercial (B2C) relationship we have with such Providers. Each Provider acts professionally towards PLASYS when it provides its product and / or service on or through the Platform (both in the business-to-business (B2B) relationship and in the business-to-customer (B2C) relationship). Please note that Providers may have, apply and / or require (the acceptance), in addition to the policies and fine print on the Website, their own terms (of transactions / shipping / transfer / use) and conditions and regulations regarding the use, access and purchase of the ticket (which may include certain disclaimer clauses and limitations of liability).

You also declare and warrant that:

  • You are of the age required to use our services as well as to create legally binding obligations arising from this use.
  • The information provided by you is true and accurate.
  • The email addresses you use to book tickets are valid.
  • You are legally authorized to act in the name of or on behalf of the persons included in your booking and to accept these Terms for them.
  • You are responsible for informing such persons about the content of all Terms relating to the conduct of their journey.
  • You are financially responsible for any use of our Services through our Websites and those who use your name or account.
  • You are responsible for your actions, including the possible use of your username and password, if you have created a user account.
  • You have no right to access any part of the Websites and / or the Platform in the form of source code.
  • You do not use programs or features to automatically publish content from our Websites or Platform.
  • You agree that PLASYS assumes no responsibility for the tourism products and services offered by the Provider and we make no representations or
    warranties (express or implied) as to the suitability or quality of its products and services.

B. Definitions

The term "PLASYS", "we" or "us" means PLASYS Ltd., a limited liability company which is subject to the Cypriot legislation and its official registered office is located at 61 Agiou Pavlou Street, 1107 Nicosia, Cyprus. "Platform" means the website (for electronic and mobile devices) and the application where ferry services are available, owned, controlled, managed, maintained and / or hosted by PLASYS. The term "Ferry" refers to the various ferry products and services that you can order, acquire, purchase, pay, rent, book, combine or consume from our Providers.

The term "Providers" or "Provider" means the provider of ferry products such as maritime transport means (e.g. ship, ferry, speedboat, cruise, ferry, boat, tourist boat), travel agencies, tour operators, tour operators, travel agents insurance, as well as any other product or service related to coastal shipping and which may from time to time be available on the Platform for booking ferry products and services (either B2B or B2C).

The term "Service" refers to the online purchase, payment or booking service as offered or activated by PLASYS in relation to various products and services available from the Providers on the Platform.

The term "Booking" refers to the order, purchase, payment or booking of a Ferry product.

The term "Buyer" refers to you who use our Platform and Websites or purchase the Shipping Products of our Providers through our Platform.

1. Object & Nature of our Service

Through the Platform, we (PLASYS and its affiliate (distribution) partners) offer an online application through which Providers, when conducting their business activities (i.e. B2C or B2B) can advertise, promote, sell or / and make available (as the case may be) their products and services for ordering, purchasing, booking, renting for a long or short term, and through which visitors can discover, search, compare and order, to make a booking, buy or pay (i.e. the Service). By using the Service (e.g. by making a Booking through the Service), you enter into a (legally binding) contractual relationship with the Provider to whom you are booking or purchasing a product or service (as applicable). From the moment you make a Booking, we act exclusively as intermediaries between you and the Provider, transferring the details of the Booking to the relevant Provider and the confirmation of the booking comes from the Provider. PLASYS is not a travel agent and does not (re)sell, rent or offer any Ferry product or service.

When providing the Services, the information we publish is based on the information we receive from the Providers. For this reason, the Providers who advertise and promote their ferry products on our Platform have access to our systems through which they have the sole responsibility for the renewal of all prices / fees / charges, availability, terms and conditions and other relevant information, which are displayed on our Platform. Although we make every reasonable effort to provide the Service we can neither confirm nor warrant that all information is accurate, complete or correct, nor can we be held responsible for any errors (including obvious and typographical errors), due to interruptions because of (temporary and / or partial) suspension of operation, restoration, upgrade or maintenance works of the Platform or for any other reason), for inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or for non-distribution of information. Each Provider is always responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including prices / fees / charges, policies and conditions and availability) displayed on our Platform. Our Platform is not and should not be construed as a means of indicating or approving the quality, level of service or suitability of any Provider (or facilities, space, vehicles, (principal or complementary) products or services) it makes available, unless something different is explicitly mentioned or defined.

Our Service is available only for personal and not commercial use. Therefore, you do not have the right to resell, link directly, use, copy, monitor (e.g. with spider, scrape or other programs), present, download or reproduce any content or information, software, bookings, tickets, products or services available on our Platform for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

2. Prices of Ferry Products & Services

PLASYS has no involvement in the configuration or determination of the price of the Ferry products and services as well as the charges mentioned in the Platform and / or in its Websites. PLASYS assumes no responsibility for the determination, configuration or even price changes by the Provider. PLASYS is also not responsible for any booking fees that may be imposed by the Provider in the configuration / determination of the price of the Ferry product / service and any charges that may arise in case of cancellation or modification or change of the booking / ticket. If any problems or disputes arise regarding the prices of the Ferry product / service, you agree that you should contact the responsible Provider of your ferry product / service and not PLASYS.

All prices listed for Ferry products / services include VAT / sales tax and all other taxes (subject to the possibility of change of such taxes) and charges / fees, unless otherwise stated on our Platform or the terms of the Provider or on the booking confirmation or on the ticket. Ticket prices are per person and are subject to validity or expiration date as stated on the ticket, if applicable. Current charges, fees and taxes (including tourist / municipal / port taxes and fees) may be charged by the Provider in the event of no-show or cancellation.

Sometimes lower prices are available on our Platform for specific routes, ferry companies, products or services, however these prices made available by the Providers may be accompanied by special restrictions and conditions; for example, they may not provide the possibility of cancellation and refund. Please check the relevant terms and information of products, services and bookings carefully before making a booking.

The currency converter is offered for informational purposes only and the prices displayed should not be considered as accurate and as real-time. The exchange rates may differ from those displayed on our Platform and there may be additional charges from the credit institution that issued your credit card. The conversion of currencies from Euros to other currencies is for informational purposes only and should not be assumed as fully reliable in terms of accuracy and real-time presentation. PLASYS is not responsible for any difference between the price displayed through our Platform and the amount charged to your credit or debit card due to the exchange rate used and we are not responsible for any charges connected to various exchange rates and charges imposed by your bank, as well as for any additional charges for foreign currency transactions.

Any obvious errors (including typographical errors) are not binding.

All offers and promotions are marked as such. If they are not marked, you are not entitled to any rights in case of obvious errors.

3. Personal Data Protection & Cookies

We respect your privacy and always operate in accordance with applicable laws for the protection of personal data. The personal data you provide to us are used in accordance with the privacy policy. You warrant that the personal identification information you provide to us is accurate and up-to-date and that you have obtained all necessary consent, permissions and approvals that enable us to use this information in accordance with our privacy policy. The privacy policy and cookies are mentioned on our Websites with the indication “Privacy Policy”.

4. No Extra Charge for Consumers

Unless otherwise stated, our service is provided to consumers free of charge, as, unlike many other providers, we do not charge you for the Service and do not add extra (booking) costs to the price. You will pay to the Provider the amount stated in the Booking (plus - to the extent not included in the price - applicable taxes and charges (where applicable)).

Providers pay commission (a small percentage of the price of the product (e.g. the price of the ferry ticket) to PLASYS when and only if the end user makes use of the purchased service or product of the Provider.

Only Providers that have a commercial relationship with PLASYS (on a contract basis) will be available through the Platform (to promote their B2B and / or B2C product / service). PLASYS is not an open platform (such as Amazon, eBay or others) where users can market their products (it is not a C2C platform). PLASYS does not allow parties (ferry companies, travel agencies, travel agents or other third parties) that are not legally and officially licensed by the competent government agencies of their country of operation, to enter into cooperation with it through a contract and to offer or sell their products / services on or through the Platform.

5. Credit Card or Bank Remittance

The Providers offer the possibility of payment of their products during the Booking process through our Platform, through secure electronic payment (to the extent that such possibility is provided and supported by your bank). Payment is processed securely and is made from your debit / credit card through a third party - processor, or from your bank account to the Provider's bank account. PLASYS has no involvement in the payments made by you to the Provider (through our Platform) and disclaims any liability arising from this transaction.

For certain (non-refundable) prices or special offers, please note that the booking cannot be modified / changed / canceled and refunds cannot be made in any way.

Please check the (booking) details of the product or service you have selected carefully before completing the Booking. You may not hold PLASYS liable for any approved, (allegedly) unapproved or incorrect charges from the Provider, nor can you claim any amount for any applicable or approved charges from the Provider (including prepaid prices, non-appearance and cancellation charges) in your credit card.

6. Payment, Cancellation, Non-Show & Fine Print

By making a Booking to a partner of our Platform Provider, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation policy of this Provider and to any additional terms and conditions of the Provider that may apply to your Ferry booking (including the fine letters available by the Provider in our Platform and the relevant regulations of the Provider), including services and / or products provided by the Provider. The general cancellation policy of each Provider is available on our Platform on the Provider information page, during the booking process. Please note that certain rates, charges or special offers are not subject to cancellation, refund or change. Please carefully check the (booking) details of the product or service you have chosen for any such terms before completing your booking. Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions of the Provider on our Platform (during the process or in the last stage of the booking and definitely before the payment) and any additional policies that the Provider may apply. You are solely responsible for incorrect payments, incorrect bank details or debit / credit card details, invalid debit / credit cards or insufficient amounts and you are not entitled to a refund of any (non-refundable) amount paid, unless the Provider agrees or otherwise permits pursuant to the payment and cancellation policy it applies.

If you wish to check, modify or change or cancel your Booking, please refer to the Provider terms and conditions and follow the instructions provided therein. Please note that you may be charged for cancellation or modification in accordance with the Provider cancellation policy and are not entitled to a refund for the amounts paid upon completion of the booking.

PLASYS is not responsible for the consequences of your late arrival or for any cancellation or charge for a Non-Show by the Provider.

7. Correspondence & Contact

Upon completion of a Booking, you agree to receive (i) an email which we may send you shortly before your departure date, providing you with travel information and offers (including third party offers - as long as you have actively chosen to receive such information) about your booking, (ii) an email upon arrival at your destination to rate the Provider and the Service, and (iii) an email sent to you after your trip is completed, with which you are asked to fill out the guest feedback form. Please read our privacy and cookie policy for the ways in which we may contact you.

Although we will make every effort to understand / translate the correspondence between us into the language you wish, however it is expressly stated that any dispute arising between PLASYS and the Buyer (You), the correspondence will be in Greek or English only with the exception of all of the other languages.

PLASYS disclaims any responsibility for any communication by or with the Provider on or through its Platform. No right arises from any request for or any communication with the Provider or (any form) acknowledgment of receipt of any communication or request. PLASYS cannot guarantee that any request or communication will be received / read (correctly and in a timely manner), will be complied with, made and accepted by the Provider.

In order to complete and secure your Booking, you must use your correct email address and mobile phone number. We assume no responsibility (and do not have to verify) any incorrect or mistyped email address or inaccurate or incorrect mobile phone number or credit / debit card number.

Any claim or complaint against PLASYS or regarding the Service must be submitted in a timely manner but in any case within 30 days after the scheduled day of use of the product or service (e.g. ferry ticket date). Any claim or complaint submitted after the 30-day period may be rejected and the applicant may lose his right to any compensation (damages or costs).

Due to ongoing updates and price and availability adjustments, we recommend that you take screenshots when making the booking to support your position (if required).

For consumers (in the European Economic Area): We advise you to notify us of any complaints by contacting our Customer Service. If the issue is not resolved, you can upload it to the European Commission's electronic dispute resolution platform. You will find it here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show

If you need more information about PLASYS or have any suggestions on how to improve the Websites and / or its Platform, please contact us at [email protected]

7.1. PLASYS Data

PLASYS - Ticket Platfroms & Travel Reservation Systems Ltd.
61 Agiou Pavlou Street
1107 Nicosia - Cyprus

Company registration number: HE416374
Tax Identification Number: CY10416374X

8. Politically Sensitive Comments

PLASYS and the Provider each have the right to terminate their relationship for any reason (such as breach of agreement or (application for) bankruptcy) according to the relevant notice period as agreed between the parties.

Also, PLASYS and the Provider may, at their sole discretion, immediately terminate any agreement with you, in accordance with these terms, at any time upon notice to you and / or, if you have a log-in account, by canceling your membership and your access to your account. PLASYS may suspend the use of the Websites and / or the Platform without notice at any time, without taking any responsibility towards you.

9. Disclaimer

Subject to the limitations applicable to these terms and conditions and to the extent permitted by law, our maximum overall liability towards you, arising out of or in connection with these terms or your access to, your use of, or your impossibility to access to or to use our Services or Platforms, will be limited to € 100 (one hundred euros).

However, to the extent permitted by law, neither we nor any of the employees, directors, representatives, partner companies, distributors, affiliate partners, franchisees, agents or others involved in the creation, sponsorship, promotion or otherwise provision of the Website and its Content, are liable for (i) any criminal, specific, indirect or consequential damage or loss, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss or damage to the clientele or reputation, loss of entitlement to compensation, (ii) any ambiguity regarding the information (description) of the Provider (including pricing, availability and evaluation) provided on our Platform, (iii) services or products offered by the Provider or other business associates, (iv) any (direct, indirect, consequential or criminal) damages, losses or charges which you have suffered, paid for or caused, in accordance with, after or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay in using our Platform, or (v) any (personal) injury, death, damage to personal property, or other (direct, indirect, specific, consequential or criminally punishable) damages, losses or charges incurred, paid or caused, or due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, intentional misconduct, omission, false statements, torts or sole liability of the vessel or liability attributed (in whole or in part) to the Provider or to any of our other business associates (including their employees, management, executives, representatives or representatives), whose products or services are provided (directly or indirectly), offered or promoted on or through the Platform, including any (partial) excessive detention, strike, force majeure or any other incident beyond our control.

PLASYS is not responsible (and disclaims any liability), for the use, the validity, the quality, the suitability and the timely information regarding your ferry trip and does not provide any commitment, tacit, legal or other warranty of any kind, any tacit guarantee of marketability, title, non- infringement or suitability for a specific purpose. During the booking process you will be informed about the identity of each Provider and the terms and conditions that apply to your booking with them. These Terms will define your rights towards this Provider and will explain its obligations to you in the event of challenges and disputes.

You acknowledge and agree that the respective Provider is solely responsible and assumes all responsibility regarding your ferry ticket (including any guarantees and commitments on the part of the Provider). PLASYS is not a (re)seller of the ferry ticket / product and assumes absolutely no responsibility for any arrangements you make with any third party as a result of your use of our Services or Platforms (including, but not limited to, of any Provider). Complaints or claims regarding your ferry ticket / product (such as regarding the suggested (special / promotional) price, policy or special requests submitted by Customers) will be handled by the Provider and its authorized partners. PLASYS is not responsible for and disclaims any liability regarding such complaints, claims and responsibilities (of products).

Regardless of whether or not the Provider has charged you for your ferry ticket / product, or if we facilitate the payment of the ferry ticket / product price, you agree and accept that the Provider is at all times responsible for the collection, deduction, submission and payment of applicable taxes corresponding to the total amount of the ferry ticket / product price to the competent tax authorities. PLASYS is not responsible for the submission, collection, deduction or payment of the relevant taxes corresponding to the price of your ferry ticket / product to the competent tax authorities. PLASYS does not act as an intermediary for any of the products or services available on the Platform.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise stated, the software required for our services or available or used by our Platform and the copyright (including reproduction rights) in relation to the content and information constituting the material of our Platform belong to PLASYS and its Providers or suppliers.

PLASYS retains sole ownership of all rights, titles and interests (all intellectual property rights) (form and sense (including infrastructure)) of the Platform through which the service is made available (including any customer comments and translated content) and you do not have the right to copy, export, link to, publish, promote, advertise, integrate, exploit, combine or otherwise use the content (including its translations and any customer comments) or our trademark without our express written permission. To the extent that you would (in whole or in part) use or combine our (translated) content (including any customer comments) or otherwise privatize any intellectual property right in the Platform or any (translated) content or client comment, you hereby assign, transfer and attribute any such intellectual property right to PLASYS. Any illegal use or any of the above actions or behaviors will constitute a violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights).

11. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution

Regardless of the country from which you access or use our Platform or our Services, to the extent permitted by law, these terms and your use must be governed by the laws of Cyprus and it will be considered that you have been submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cyprus for the resolution of any disputes that may arise hereunder.

These terms and conditions, as well as the provision of our services, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Cypriot law. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions and our services, will be settled exclusively by the competent courts in Nicosia, Cyprus.

For consumers (in the European Economic Area): We advise you to notify us about any complaints by contacting our Customer Service. If the issue is not resolved, you can upload it to the European Commission's electronic dispute resolution platform. You will find it here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show

The original Greek text of these terms of use and conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translation is for facilitation purposes and translation for internal use only and no rights derive from the text of the translation. In case of dispute regarding the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions or discrepancy or difference between the Greek version and any other translated version of these terms and conditions, the Greek version of the text, to the extent permitted by law, applies, prevails and is final. The Greek version is available on the collaborating Websites / Platform of the Agency (select the Greek language) or can be sent to you upon your written request.

In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you are still bound by all other terms herein. In such a case, the invalid provision shall nevertheless be applied to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and you will at least agree to accept a result similar to that of the invalid, inapplicable or non-binding provision, given the content and purpose of these terms and conditions.

12. Amendment & Revision of Terms

We reserve the right to modify or update these Terms of Use from time to time, without notice. The current version of the Terms of Use will be displayed from the date on which any changes take effect and do not affect the transactions that took place before their change.

13. About PLASYS and Supporting Companies

The Service is provided by PLASYS, a private limited liability company, established in accordance with the legislation of Cyprus, with headquarters at 61 Agiou Pavlou Street, 1107 Nicosia, Cyprus and is registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce of Nicosia, under the number HE416374. Our VAT number is CY10416374X.

PLASYS has its headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, and is supported by partner companies ("support companies") in various European countries. Support companies offer only internal support role in and for PLASYS. Support companies, among others, facilitate users during the booking process and provide customer service throughout their operation. Support companies do not have any power or authority to enter into any contract in its name, for or on behalf of PLASYS. You do not enter into any (legal or notarial) relationship with support companies. PLASYS does not recognize and does not accept / assume headquarters in any area, place or office in the world (nor in the offices of its support companies) other than its registered office in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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