Athens - Crete: with 4 people, 1 travels for free!

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01 October, 2023

The carrier Blue Star Ferries offers a 100% discount on the fourth person when travelling with four people in a 4-berth cabin on the Athens - Crete route!

If you are travelling with Blue Star Ferries and book a 4-berth cabin, the fourth person travels for free!

  • The discount applies to 4-berth cabins, outside and inside (A4 & АB4)
  • Not for pet-friendly cabins
  • Provided that 4 people are travelling in the same cabin with the same reservation code and that both tickets are full
  • In the event that the other passengers are entitled to a discount, the free ticket will be granted to the passenger with the highest discount. If a passenger is entitled to a discount, the free ticket will be given to them
  • Can be combined with the up to 30% return discount
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