Offer packages for passengers with cars

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02 March, 2024

Single passenger car and full cabin car packages for the routes from Piraeus to Heraklion and Chania!

The carrier Blue Star Ferries offers the following packages on the Piraeus - Heraklion and Piraeus - Chania lines:

  1. 1 passenger in economy class, air type seat or cabin (outside or inside) and 1 car
  2. Multiple passengers in an entire cabin (outside or inside) and 1 car

The following conditions apply:

  • Valid for a limited number of seats per route
  • Valid if at least one car is included in the reservation
  • Further discounts cannot be combined with the offer packages
  • The 20% return discount no longer applies
  • The tickets of the respective packages can be converted into an open date ticket and it is possible to change the travel date
  • Individual cancellations are not permitted, but may be canceled as a whole in accordance with the company's policies
  • The redemption of points from the loyalty program is not valid
  • The reduced fare is automatically calculated by the reservation system
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