Goutos Lines return trip discount up to 20%

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13 April, 2024

Goutos Lines is offering a return trip discount for a limited time on the Lavrio - Kea and Lavrio - Kythnos routes. Hurry up!

The carrier Goutos Lines offers a return discount as follows:

  1. for trips purchased between 15.04.2024 and 10.06.2024, a 20% discount on return passenger and vehicle tickets (for trips purchased from June 26, 2024 to September 29, 2024)
  2. for trips purchased by 30.09.2024, 10% discount on return passenger and vehicle tickets

The following conditions apply:

  • The discount is only available on return tickets
  • The basic requirement is the simultaneous reservation/issuance of a return ticket
  • Tickets are nominal and non-transferable
  • There are no further discounts when using the offer
  • Valid only for full-person tickets, car tickets and motorcycle tickets
  • The General Travel Conditions apply to discounted tickets, except in the cases mentioned above
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