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Experience luxurious travel between Greece and Albania with Albania Luxury Ferries. Compare ferry schedules and book your passage from Corfu Island to Sarandë.

Your gateway to the Greek and Albanian shores!

Albania Luxury Ferries offers a pleasant and attractive method to travel between Greece and Albania across the Ionian Sea.

Their main route connects Corfu, Greece with Sarandë, Albania.

It is a popular alternative for island hopping and touring both nations and their primary purpose is to provide a seamless journey between Greece and Albania. The organization prioritizes high-quality service and sophisticated facilities onboard.

Their fleet consists of Albania Corfu Express, a brand new ferry with all EU safety regulations and stylish cabins, and Azimut, a fully renovated high-speed ferry that may offer a faster crossing alternative.

The carrier is known for its dependable and pleasant ferries, with an emphasis on the passenger experience. It has regular departures, making it a handy travel alternative.

Specific departure times, ticket pricing and special offers may be discovered by utilizing our up-to-date booking engine.

Albania Luxury Ferries is a reputable company offering a convenient and enjoyable way to travel between Greece and Albania. Their modern fleet and focus on passenger experience make them a popular choice for island hopping and exploring the beauty of the Ionian Sea.

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