Ferry from Corfu to Saranda

Colorful Spring Cityscape Of Saranda Port. Exotic landscape with palm trees and the city of Saranda in the background

Discover Saranda's immense beauty, beautiful beaches and rich culture. Book your ferry from Corfu to Saranda today and go on an exciting Balkan journey!

Discover the enchanting island of Corfu, a colorful tapestry of Venetian history, sun-kissed beaches and an enticing appetite for life. Those interested in history Rejoice! Explore the magnificent Venetian Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and meander through convoluted streets full with hidden jewels. Dive into crystal-clear blue seas along breathtaking beaches, or relax on soft, golden sand beneath the warm Greek sun. Enjoy wonderful Corfiot food, which combines Venetian and Greek tastes. Enjoy fresh seafood, locally sourced olive oil and delectable pastries. Hike through lush landscapes sprinkled with beautiful towns, kayak through secret coves, or swim or dive to explore underwater worlds. Corfu comes alive after dark, with bustling pubs and throbbing nightclubs to suit any taste. Corfu is more than simply a location; it is also an experience. Book your vacation today and find out why Corfu will win your heart.

Escape the routine and explore Saranda, Albania's beautiful seaside jewel! Saranda, bathed in sunshine and caressed by the dazzling Ionian Sea. Dive into crystal-clear seas off pristine beaches or discover secluded coves accessible only by boat. Imagine yourself sunbathing on Ksamil Beach, which is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Explore the remains of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and learn about centuries of fascinating history. Explore the majestic Lekuresi Castle, which provides panoramic views of the city and seashore. Sample fresh fish specialties and traditional Albanian cuisine. Explore lively marketplaces full with local goods and treasures. Hike through picturesque landscapes, kayak along the shore, or go on a spectacular scuba diving excursion. As the sun sets, Saranda changes into a vibrant nightlife scene with busy pubs and throbbing nightclubs catering to every taste.

Book your ferry tickets from Corfu to Saranda in advance and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Albanian Riviera!

ferry duration from Saranda to Corfu

The travel time from the Albanian port city of Saranda, to Corfu's main ferry port, is approx. half an hour. The distance between the two destinations is around 21.5 nautical miles (40kilometers).

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