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Small Cyclades Lines is a reputable ferry company that provides an unforgettable experience for travelers journeying from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands. The company's vessel, "Express Skopelitis," has been operating since 1956 and is renowned for its exceptional service.

Small Cyclades or Mikres Kyklades in Greek, despite its name, serves not only the islands of Donousa, Schinoussa, Iraklia, and Koufonisia but also connects further Cycladic islands such as Naxos and Amorgos. The ferry can accommodate approximately 340 passengers and a limited number of vehicles, making it an ideal choice for island hopping.

Passengers traveling with Small Cyclades Lines are guaranteed a comfortable and relaxing voyage. The ferry offers cozy indoor and outdoor seating, ice-cold refreshments and snacks, a cafe-bar, and a friendly crew ready to cater to every passenger's needs. These amenities make island hopping with Small Cyclades Lines a fun and enjoyable experience.

In addition to its exceptional service, Small Cyclades Lines also allows passengers to bring their pets along free of charge. This is a significant advantage for pet owners who want to travel with their furry friends without incurring additional expenses.

In conclusion, Small Cyclades Lines is a reliable ferry company that offers an exceptional travel experience for passengers. With its comfortable facilities, friendly crew, and pet-friendly policy, it is an ideal choice for those looking to explore the Greek islands. Book your trip today and experience the beauty of the Cyclades with Small Cyclades Lines.

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Making a reservation could not be faster and easier. All you have to do is select the destination, the departure date and click on "search". You will immediately see all the updated and available itineraries in real-time!

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Express Skopelitis of Small Cyclades Lines

Express Skopelitis, an iconic boat that embarked on its maiden voyage in 1956, has been sailing through the Greek islands for over six decades. With a length of 45 meters, it can accommodate up to 340 passengers and 11 cars, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists. The boat operates throughout the year, braving all weather conditions, to provide a seamless travel experience to its passengers.

Over the years, Skopelitis has won numerous awards for its exceptional service. One of the most notable recognitions came from Lloyd's, which named it "Seaways of the year." This accolade is a testament to the boat's unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you're looking to explore the picturesque islands of Greece or simply enjoy a relaxing cruise, Skopelitis is the perfect choice. With its rich history, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated crew, this legendary boat promises an unforgettable journey through the Aegean Sea.

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